By Michael S. Mall

Michael S. Mall, M.D., medical director of Michael S. Mall, MD | Medical Concierge and New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center, now offers the cutting-edge treatment of umbilical stem cell therapy.

Umbilical cord-derived stem cells have been validated to be the most potent type of stem in terms of regenerating human cells and reversing disease states in over 100 different conditions including lupus, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic brain injuries, neuropathies, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and stroke injury.

It is important to state that these stem cells do not come from any embryonic tissue from unborn fetuses, but instead come from umbilical cords of live births that would otherwise be discarded and must pass the FDA tissue bank screening process in order to be utilized. Although the umbilical cord stem cell product is FDA approved, they are not specifically FDA approved for any specific treatment indication.

The umbilical cord stem cells are essential zero days old, as they have not aged with the patient, as would be with a fat derived or bone marrow derived cell from the patient’s body. Doctors can administer these new stem cells, which are essentially zero days old, to patients who have conditions being studied with umbilical cord cells but cannot make claims of treating that condition to be FDA compliant.

How do they work? Approximately 20 million live umbilical cord stem cells are introduced into the body through an IV and double every 28 hours, up to 65 hours. They are drawn to areas of damage, injury, inflammation and degeneration by signals given off from damaged and inflamed tissues. The stem cells set up immunomodulary centers where there is damaged tissue and recruit new cells to repair damage, as well as produce anti-inflammatory and healing peptides and proteins to help in the regeneration of tissue.

These umbilical cord cells also regenerate cartilage, bone, connective tissue, muscle, organ tissue and skin. The full effects of regenerating damaged and inflamed tissues can take up to six months to accomplish.

Now there is a way to regenerate any degenerated tissue in the body whether from trauma, aging, or disease processes with a simple IV infusion of umbilical cord stem cells.

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