Soul-Full Living Requires Soul-Work

By Denise Marshall

Everyone knows someone who has gone through an emotional upset of some kind: a divorce, lost your job, caring for a young child or an aging parent, struggling with PTSD from a tragic event or lost all your belongings in a catastrophe. Life—it happens. All day, every day. When it does, instead of going sideways and reacting out of fear, anger or hurt, are you prepared to do the soul-work to help you get back into the healthy lane-of-life? Is your Well-being Toolbox fully stocked and ready for a crisis?

Millions of dollars are spent every year in personal development seminars, books and lectures to help us find the key to life: happiness. That by achieving your financial, physical or relationship goals, you will be happy. Life hack: happiness doesn’t last very long. And once you realize this, you can be left feeling unfulfilled, abnormal, unworthy and unwell. Soul-full living requires soul-work: being emotionally and mentally prepared to shift into a place of well-being for mental happiness when life happens.

Dr. Edith Eger shared this powerful message in her book, “The Choice – Embrace the Possible” when she was separated from her mom during the Holocaust. Her mom hugged her and said, “We don’t know where we are going. We don’t know what’s going to happen. No one can take away from you…what you put here, in your mind.”

Choose love over fear

Choosing to love in difficult times can be a LOT of soul-work that, at first, can be as comfortable as putting on a tight, wet leather jacket. Please trust the process. The key is to first pause, self-assess the conflict or situation that is occurring in that moment and don’t react. Rather, mindfully respond by using the resources in your Well-being Toolbox.

Here are some self-care tips to pack into your Well-being Toolbox when life goes sideways:

Create “I AM” Belief Statements

Positive self-talk using powerful “I am” statements energetically recharges the inner spirit back into a healthier alignment with the mind and body. Create your own custom “I am” belief statements such as: “I declare I am a brilliant, successful, happy, healthy, sexy (why not!), loving, forgiving, inspiring woman.” This one is so important! “I am open to receive all healing, loving, abundant energy that honors my higher self. I have a peaceful, calm heart and all is well.” Say them aloud every day and tape a copy on the bathroom mirror to read when you’re getting ready for the day.

Deep Breathing Meditation – 4/4/4/4

Deep breathing helps clear the mind, increases oxygen in the body while creating a state of peacefulness and euphoria. Here’s a great mini-meditation that works.

1. Place a couple of drops of your favorite calming essential oil, such as lavender, into the palms of your hands. Rub your hands together to activate the aromatherapy notes of the oil.

2. Hold your palms over your face and take a long, slow, deep belly breath lasting for four seconds (while breathing in the calming aromatherapy). Hold your breath for four seconds. Then, slowly release your breath for four seconds through your mouth. Do this breathing meditation four times in a row.

3. Place your hands over your heart (chakra) for 20 seconds or more. The hormone oxytocin is released and downloaded throughout the body making you feel safe, loved and comforted. Say your positive “I am” statements with your eyes closed, soaking in the stress-relieving, grounding moment.
Sacred Salt Therapy Bath
Place one handful each of sea salt and Epsom salt into warm water and soak for 15 minutes. This is a great time to do the deep breathing meditation. Play your favorite spa meditation music, add lavender oil to the bath water and light candles for a mini-spa experience releasing the stress of the day down the drain.


Find a grassy space, or natural dirt or rock, take off your shoes and soak in the “chi life force” of mother-earth energy. Grounding can help manage overwhelming feelings or intense anxiety and regain mental focus from an intense emotional state. It also releases all the electrical and Wi-Fi energy the body absorbs from electronic devices.

Soul-full Synchronicity

Prayer, yoga, meditation, journaling can all help guide your attention to “being” in a present, positive space, quiets the mind, relieves stress, lowers anxiety, improves the immune system and helps you become more resilient when faced with an obstacle.

Community Connection

Participating in a church community, mediation group, or support group provides a sense of belonging, security and supports healthy relationship building. When we surround ourselves with like-minded, kind, caring, compassionate people, a positive heart-connected energy exchange occurs that helps elevate mental clarity, improves and lifts the mood and spirit. So, get your sparkle on and get plugged into a healthy, positive tribe to support your emotional well-being.

The Gift

You are capable, powerful and can courageously control how to handle conflict or crisis. Have the strength of heart to understand, and open your heart, to respond (not react) and shift into a higher, positive place. This is the ultimate action of self-love. And the reward is that you confidentially have done something incredibly challenging, and beautiful, to honor your higher self with the gift of experiencing yourself as an action of love, which is leading by example. And by the way, you’re helping make the world a better place.

Be well. Live well.

Denise Marshall is a Reiki Master/Practitioner/Teacher and Soul-coach.