What is the buzz from personal care to new gadgets?

Written and complied by Jennifer Florendo and Debbie Hall

The colors are vibrant and spring is the perfect season to try new items including makeup and hair care. Listen to a podcast while relaxing outdoors in the beautiful weather of the year. If you’re still on or new to the fitness train, check out this recommended app to help you crush your goals. Invest in a new electronic accessory for the time of new beginnings. The biggest find is the most perfectly fitted bra for strutting your stuff.

Makeup: Girlactik’s Invisible Primer Eraser Liner

Want a flawless eye look? Problem solved with Girlactik’s Invisible Primer Eraser Liner. When trying to do that straight liner on your lash line or achieving the smoky-eyed smudged look, imagine an eraser that removes any eyeliner mistakes—the invisible shadow primer/eraser. Clean and wipe away any mistakes with the aid of the invisible clear chubby stick and a cotton swab. The best part is that it doubles up as a shadow primer to keep not only your eyeliner straight but your eye shadow also in place.

$17, Available at girlactik.com

Hair Care: On the Rocks Charcoal Clarifying Shampoo and Lightweight Replenishing Conditioner

Let’s face it, dirty, oily hair never blows out well and the style won’t last as long. On The Rocks Charcoal Clarifying Shampoo & Lightweight Replenishing Conditioner is a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. The activated charcoal removes impurities and product build-up without stripping or drying out hair. Vegetable protein strengthens and reinforces chemically treated or damaged hair.

The noir scent features notes of ginger, mint and sandalwood. $26 each, available at Drybar Las Vegas and Sephora.

Bras: Third Love Bras

Finding your perfect fit has never been easier or more convenient. The online fit profile will match you up with your correct size. Choose from your current size, preferred brand, fit issues you may have (such as strap slippage, cup gaps) and see what are your options and sizes. Try your new bra for 30 days: wash it, wear it, love it or return it. You will never go back to your old bra, ever. ThirdLove bras will easily become your first love.

$68, Visit thirdlove.com

App: iFit Coach

If you are still on the healthful resolution wagon, check out this app. Start with creating a profile, setting your fit goals and crushing them. View your workout stats, track steps, nutrition and sleep on the dashboard. Choose workouts from the library, receive support from the iFit support site and even create a social following in the app. The basic edition is free, premium comes with a $14.99 monthly subscription, which also included a free wearable device at the time when we ordered.

Check the iTunes store or Google Play for details.

Podcast: The Lady Gang Podcast

The Lady Gang consists of three beautiful minds and mouths where no topic is off limits. Everything from your lady parts to your broken hearts to work and celebrity gossip, these gals are joined by a weekly celebrity guest for an honest girlfriend chat that will make you laugh until tears run down your legs. The Lady Gang has branched out into a super-not-so-secret Facebook group where you can seek solicited advice, share cute pet photos and have engaging conversations about whatever is on your mind.

Subscribe to new episodes every Tuesday via iTunes and the PodcastOne app.

Gadget: Portable Smartphone Photo Vault

The Portable Smartphone Photo Vault saves room on any device while protecting memories. This handy device plugs into any smartphone or tablet to copy and back up photos, videos and contacts. Simply download the free app and touch Start Backup. Data is backed up automatically while freeing up valuable space on your device. From there, files can be moved to a computer or another mobile device via USB. Compatible with iPhone/iPad and Samsung Galaxy/Android and available in three sizes.

Price varies, available at Sharper Image and Amazon.