Close The Chapter On This Year With These Inspirational Reads on Pursuing Dreams, Self-Discovery and Leadership.

In the Company of Women
Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs

By Grace Bonney

Over 100 women of all ages, backgrounds, races and industries come together to share how they tapped into their creative spirits and pursued their dreams of entrepreneurship. These women come from various industries, including: media, hospitality, tattoo artists, comedians and more to share practical and inspirational advice for those on a similar path. Personal interviews give insight into the keys for success, the importance of everyday rituals, staying true to your beliefs and having patience, while photographs showcase the women in their entrepreneurial environments.

The Artist’s Way
A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

By Julia Cameron

An international bestseller, this book is an interactive workbook for the aspiring (and often terrified) artist in all of us. The practical toolkit Cameron lays out in an easy 12-week format has deeply affected readers for over 25 years. Use this book to connect with your creativity, to unblock the flow of inspiration or as a guidebook to quiet the inner critic that tells you the project you dream about is not possible. Through the use of weekly exercises, such as free-writing and artist dates, you will enliven the muse and reconnect with that creative source within us all.

Managing Brilliant Jerks
How Organizations and Coaches Can Transform Difficult Leaders into Powerful Visionaries

By Dr. Katrina Burrus

For those who work with a difficult leader, manager or employee, this book provides the tools and resources to work more effectively with challenging personalities. This book is either for C-Suites executives that have a difficult leader in their midst, human resources professionals, managers or employees with a difficult boss. “Managing Brilliant Jerks” provides resources to help you work more effectively with difficult leaders at the organizational, team and individual level. A six-step blueprint process details the secret to inspiring the transformation from being a brilliant jerk to a brilliant leader.