New Soccer Coach Inspires Girls On and Off the Field

By Ella Silvestri

Las Vegas native Alyssa Kleiner is more than a soccer coach. She is a true mentor and inspiration to the teenage girls on her team.

As the new head coach of the Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club’s girls ‘04 team (girls born in the year 2004), Kleiner is eager to start the next phase of her soccer career as a coach by sharing her knowledge of the sport while also inspiring the girls to be as passionate about soccer as she is.

“My goal for the year is to teach these young women life skills,” Kleiner said. “The game itself will teach them a lot of the skills you need for the real world, when that time comes. Teamwork, organizational skills, leadership, planning, making goals, putting in the hard work to make those goals a reality, all things they can learn from the game and each other. My job is to reinforce these skills and make sure these girls understand that life is hard, but perseverance always prevails. With that being said, the other side of it is showing these girls the beauty in progress and where hard work and grit can take you.

The relationships you build within a team, no one can understand it unless you are on that team. There is a certain type of chemistry that happens on and off the field that creates that special passion for the game, and wanting to play and fight for one another. There is no feeling quite like it. I am very passionate for this game, and I wish to teach these young women everything I have learned in my experiences and throughout my entire career.” 

21Kleiner has been playing soccer since age 7. Immediately, she fell in love with the game. She continued to play throughout her whole childhood, and after excelling throughout her youth career, she earned a coveted place on the Santa Clara University team. Her performances and growing experience led her to become a professional player in the National Women’s Soccer League in 2015 with a move to the Portland Thorns FC. She then went on to represent the Washington Spirit and the Seattle Reign before returning to Las Vegas in 2018 to embark on the next step in her career: coaching.

“Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club is really excited to have a coach of the caliber and experience of Alyssa Kleiner working with our young female athletes,” said Gary Soresman, executive director of the Downtown Las Vegas Soccer Club. “For female soccer players to receive advice and guidance from a person with this experience in the game is invaluable.”