Real-life Tips to Help You Get Started

By Eileen Guilbeault

Branding in any business is essential to stand out amongst the competition, but it is also easier said than done, right? Here are some tips to get your branding off to a great start:

Choose your client: Yes, you choose who you work with through branding. Make a list of all the traits your ideal client has: Where do they shop, how old are they, what are their interests, and more. Now, you know what your perfect client will look like.

Choose your colors wisely: Install a color picker extension, such as ColorZilla onto your computer and when you see a color that fits the aesthetic you want for your brand, write it down. Once you’ve found it, use it on everything. Your clients will begin to recognize your colors.

Logo: Once you know who your ideal client is and the colors you want for your brand, consider hiring someone to develop your logo. There are sites like Etsy and Fiverr that can come up with a design reasonably inexpensively. Or, consider hiring a marketing firm to bring your vision to life.

Photos: Branding photos are a great way to keep your image in front of potential clients. People want to see who they are choosing to work with, and local photographers often offer photo sessions that are focused on branding. These sessions allow you to keep your branding fresh and relevant across all the social media channels you choose to use.

Social Media: It can be tricky and time consuming. Choose the social media platform your ideal client uses and stick with it. In many industries, that means starting a business page. Be certain to abide by the rules of your specific industry

Know your SEO: You must blog or create videos, even if you hate to see yourself on camera. Those who despise seeing themselves on video must blog. These two methods will get you more exposure than any other means.

Ask for help: Find the people who want to see you succeed and ask their opinion if you get stuck. You never know what a fresh set of eyes will bring to your discovery process.

The most practical advice is this: Just start and don’t overthink it, it gets easier once you start. And hopefully, you will find the vision for your company and that it was easier to accomplish than you thought it would be.

Remember … you are building the community you choose to work with through branding.