Breaking Tradition

By Howard Riell, Photography by Sabin Orr

Eatt Gourmet Bistro owner and manager, Nicolas Kalpokdjian, had his sights set on uniqueness of concept and excellence of operations from before day one—not because he wanted to, but because he had to.

“When we started, everyone was very skeptical about our chances to sustain,” Kalpokdjian recalls. “We knew we had to stand out from the other restaurants with a unique concept based on quality, plating and good value for the money. The main idea that lies behind the concept is to break the code of traditional gastronomy by focusing on the plating, ingredients and essential steps of service.”

As a result, you can have a great food experience with great service at $55 per person. Their OpenTable profile reflects their approach perfectly, and they are really proud of it. Eatt Gourmet Bistro has been elected top restaurant on OpenTable in Las Vegas for the last few months, with ratings close to perfection.

The restaurant goes to great lengths to ensure it remains fresh and exciting in diners’ minds. Their philosophy is to work with seasonal products to guarantee the freshest recipes to valued guests. Menus are typically changed in April and October for summer and winter to make sure that guests can always have a different experience at each menu change, while keeping some signature dishes their clients come for.

In addition to those seasonal changes, they add daily specials made with fresh and seasonal ingredients. However, no matter how they prepare their duck or salmon, they are the bestselling entrees. One popular signature dish that remains on the menu is the lobster linguine, made with Chef Yuri’s signature lobster bisque, and it is to die for.

Executive Chef Yuri Szarzewski is also a partner in the business and has been with Kalpokdjian since the very beginning. The pair try to source as many local ingredients as possible. They manage to find seasonal vegetables in a local farm, as well as honey and organic vegan cheese made locally. All of their organic microgreens are grown in Las Vegas. There is also a vegan menu featuring 11 items, and a vegan special every Monday. They also carry 15 gluten-free items on the regular menu, including desserts.

To be consistent with their “gastronomic approach,” Kalpokdjian explains, “We thought that offering a five-course tasting menu at a very competitive price would be very relevant to offer a different experience for our guests who just want to sit and relax while Chef is designing something special for them.”

Wines are discounted by 50% on Wednesdays. They wanted to share their French wine list with guests as much as possible and created a day to enjoy the wines that might not be ordered otherwise.

The main goal at Eatt Gourmet Bistro is to make guests happy no matter how, and they have accomplished that and more.

Eatt Gourmet Bistro
7865 West Sahara Ave., #104
Las Vegas, NV 89117
Instagram: eatt_gourmetbistro
Facebook: eattgourmetbistro