Your Marketing Liaison

Marketing and Business Development

Ginger Allen has been hiring, training and mentoring women for over 20 years. Her signature saying is, “I love to help others succeed. My motto for my business is, ‘Your Success Is My Success.’”

She started a Facebook group called Network of Women Business Owners to provide an area where women in business could support one another. The group currently has over 300 women.

Allen’s company, Your Marketing Liaison, is a full-service marketing agency staffed by like-minded entrepreneurs and focused on providing first-class representation to every client. Services include: business development, advertising and branding, public relations, field marketing, social media, online marketing, networking and website creation.

Your Marketing Liaison currently contracts the services of eight female independent contractors, all of whom have their own businesses. Allen contracts them to increase business revenue and mentor them on how to increase their own businesses along the way.

Allen is focused on helping small businesses, so she keeps her rates at an affordable level and maintains a high standard of personal service. Allen says, “Because Your Marketing Liaison focuses on small businesses, we are always available to our clients.” She is also careful to keep people’s expectations at a realistic level. For example, she is often asked how long until someone sees a return on investment? To which she explains that ROI takes time, you have to plant the seeds, then fertilize and water them before they bear fruit. “Typically, we expect to see a return on investment between six months to one year and anyone that promises sooner will probably not be able to deliver on that promise.”

Over the past 10 years, Allen has also sponsored and supported many women to become sober. She is the oldest of three and helped her mother, a single mom, raise her sisters. She feels that she has been helping women her whole life.

Allen is a serial entrepreneur with multiple six-figure businesses under her belt. She is also a licensed real estate agent and is currently the 2019-2020 co-president of the nonprofit organization Clark County Medical Society Alliance. This year, the cause is mental health awareness for youth. Funds from the Fashion Show & Luncheon in 2020 will be allocated to the Born This Way Foundation led by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta. Allen has always supported men and women in business and philanthropy and will continue to do so.