Warm up this winter with these festive cocktails for your holiday gatherings. Whether served with appetizers, as an after-dinner drink or dessert, mix up something delicious for your guests of all ages.

Affogato Martini
2 ounces vanilla vodka
½ ounce creme de cocoa
1 ounce coffee-flavored liqueur
1 scoop vanilla ice cream
Add vanilla vodka, creme de cocoa and coffee-flavored liqueur into a shaker. Drop in about 3 ice cubes. Close the shaker and shake until the liquid is chilled. Pour over ice cream.

Hot White Russian
2 ½ cups freshly brewed coffee
¼ cup vodka
½ cup heavy cream
Whipped heavy cream for garnish
½ cup coffee-flavored liqueur
In a saucepan, heat the coffee, cream, coffee-flavored liqueur and vodka until hot. Divide the mixture among heated mugs and garnish each drink with whipped cream.

Blackberry Mulled Wine
1 bottle red wine
1 orange, juiced
2 cinnamon sticks, plus extra for garnish
1 cup apple cider
½ cup brandy
5 cloves, plus extra for garnish
1 cup blackberries
2 star anise, plus extra for garnish
½ cup maple syrup
Mix all ingredients together, bring to a low simmer for 30 minutes to one hour being careful not to boil. Serve in mugs and garnish with a cinnamon stick, clove and star anise.

Apple Cranberry Spritzer
Apple juice
Cranberry juice
Rosemary for garnish
Lemon-line soda
In a glass, mix equal parts apple juice and cranberry juice. Add a dash of lemon-lime soda. Garnish with cranberries and a sprig of rosemary.

Holiday Mule
¾ ounce cinnamon syrup
Ginger beer
¾ ounce lime juice
Cranberries for garnish
½ ounce cranberry juice
Rosemary for garnish
Combine the cinnamon syrup, lime juice and cranberry juice in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice. Pour into a Collins glass over ice. Top with ginger beer and garnish with fresh cranberries and rosemary sprig.

Colorado Bulldog
1 ounce coffee-flavored liqueur
1 ounce cream
1 ounce vodka T
op with cola
Shake the liquer, vodka and cream with ice. Strain into a short glass with ice, leaving space to top it off with cola.