When it Comes to Overall Women’s Health and Satisfaction, There is More to it than Just Hormones

By Jennifer Florendo

“How are you doing?” a simple question to ask, yet complex to answer for many women when talking with friends and even in their doctor’s office. Too often symptoms like a glum mood, low libido or high anxiety are casually brushed off as simply being a part of life: you are a friend, a mom, a wife, a co-worker, a daughter; full of responsibilities, yet often forgetting to put yourself first and instead taking care of everyone else. So, when a simple visit to the doctor asks that loaded question of how are you, just how are you when it comes to your health?

We aren’t talking just your mental health, but also your sexual heath. Treating women’s health is now being looked at in a new way with more plant-based treatments. Research shows that a simple, plant-based phytonutrient can have a big impact on the overall health of women of all ages.

Dr. Gerald Haase, clinical professor of surgery at the University of Colorado, has been active in various clinical research trials for over 30 years, but recently became interested in researching how plant-based nutrients can impact women’s health. He realized that when looking at the landscape of patients, there are over 20 available medications for men’s sexual health and well-being versus one approved for women, and this one comes with a myriad of potential side effects.

…women’s health is often ignored, overlooked and an after-thought. When it comes to their health, everything seems to be focused on hormones or something that should not bear too much concern until after the age of 50.
That is quite frankly wrong…

It occurred to him that women’s health is often ignored, overlooked and an after-thought. When it comes to their health, everything seems to be focused on hormones or something that should not bear too much concern until after the age of 50. “That is quite frankly wrong,” said Dr. Haase.

“Women’s health is about more than just female hormones. The hormone issue in women is not something that should just be of concern at the age of menopause,” he said. “Hormone levels are affected from a younger age on, often starting in the early 30s. We also have to look at four other areas of well-being in total.”

These four areas focus on cardiovascular health, metabolic health, psychosocial health and neurocognitive health, and in conjunction with sexual health and libido, are equally important. Filling that gap is what propelled Dr. Haase to explore plant-based phytonutrients and make the topic of women’s health less of a taboo topic.

Realizing that what is normal varies extremely from woman to woman and to examine this more closely, he needed to look at function and dysfunction. “Dysfunction affects women of all ages, it is not just about menopausal women,” said Dr. Haase.
“Ten percent of all women have some degree of sexual dysfunction. By the time you get to age 40, it affects up to 30 percent of women, and by age 50-55, up to 75 percent of women are affected with dysfunction at some level.”

Dr. Haase’s research has shown that plant-based nutrients have the ability to alter the aspects of women’s health: cardiovascular, metabolic, lipids, cholesterol and the unpleasant symptoms of mood swings and low energy levels. What he discovered was that a simple plant we most often encounter in tea can have a big impact on the lives of women. Bergamot, the superfruit native to the Calabrian region of Southern Italy, has shown to have beneficial effects in overall women’s health. This particular region yields the most potent citrus bergamot fruit in the world, which enables BPF (bergamot polyphenolic fraction) production of 47 percent or greater, the most concentrated extract available anywhere.

BergaFEMME is the perfect place to start for those who are ready to incorporate positive changes into their health routine, bring their energy levels up and increase their libido.

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