Find the Spark that Lights Your Fire

By Claire Friday

One of the worst feelings in the world is doing something that you hate, or working at a job that doesn’t fulfill you. Transition can be difficult, but finding what you love to do, or what makes you excited when you wake up in the morning, can make your career feel more like an adventure and less like a job. Many of us don’t know where to start when it comes to finding our passion or even on how to monetize our skills into something that can be profitable. You don’t need to have all of the answers right away. Start with a few simple steps:

Realize what you are really good at. This may take some time to map out, but the way to start realizing what you are good at is to be aware of yourself and what you can do. Write down the things you love to do and also write down the things you do not like to do. What do you do on a daily basis that makes you excited? What can you see yourself doing with the skills that you have? If you get a mental block, ask people who you trust what they think you are good at and compare it with your list of skills. You might be surprised at how positive this exercise can be.

Find role models. The quickest and most effective way to find the career spark that ignites you is to find other people who are doing what you want to be doing. Find people who are moving on a trajectory that you want to jump on. Talk to them. Get to know how they got to where they are and how you can learn from their journey. You never know—they may be the one to give you the key to your important next steps.

Carve a path that makes it possible to do what you love. There are no rules, and there is no one-way to do something. Our journeys are what shape us into the people we are supposed to be. If you don’t see a way to make your passion a reality, find a way. If everyone took the same path to where they want to be, no one would be eager to make their path their own. That is what makes it special. It is your journey and no one else’s. Carve a path that is your open road where no one else can push you out of your lane.

Do not stop moving. Always be curious, always ask questions, attend events, and immerse yourself in the areas that bring you the most joy in your trade. Keep the next steps in the forefront of your mind. Constant motion and perseverance are the character traits that will build your passion as you continue on your journey.