Simple Ways to Keep Your Fitness on Track This Summer

By Megan Buckley

Resolutions, what resolutions? By the time summer comes around, it is easy to forget what goals and resolutions we set for ourselves just a few short months ago. Between the heat, the kids being off school and daily motivation simply beginning to wane, it is easy to slack off.

Here are five easy ways to stay on track this summer:

Build a new daily routine.
If your hours change at work during this time or your kids are now out of school, your normal routine is disrupted. Instead of using it as an excuse, use it to create a new routine. Determine what days and times work best for you to get to that class you love or complete an at-home workout. Write it down on a calendar, put it in your phone and set multiple alerts if you have to. This takes us into our next tip …

Schedule a gym date with yourself.
If you do not like it when your spouse or friends cancel on you, why would you do it to yourself? Self-care is a must for overall health and well-being. It is not selfish to take a little “me” time; if anything, it is a necessity. You would not expect your car to continue running on low gas or fumes forever, right? Same goes for you. Sweat it out and reset to refresh the system. If going solo to the gym is not your thing …

Find—or grow—your fit tribe.
Many studies have shown that people are more likely to stick to fitness goals if they do it with a friend. Not only is the experience much more enjoyable, but it can also work as a great way to be held accountable. When you are not quite feeling like going to the early class, you know your tribe will be checking to make sure you are up and ready to go. This is also another great way to bond and build stronger relationships. Now what about those kids who are out of school …

Engage in activities with your kids.

Whether it is swimming in the pool, jumping on the trampoline or going for an early morning bike ride, there are many options to stay active and incorporate the whole family. Not only are you leading by example, but you are also doing something fun with them and those are memories you all will cherish. When was the last time you played some water volleyball? Who cares, you just burned 200 calories and showed your kids that you still got it.

Plan ahead for events.
Summertime means pool parties and barbecues, which also means temptation; over indulging on extra beverages or unhealthy finger foods is easy. To avoid giving in too much, have a small healthy meal before you go so you are not as hungry or offer to bring a fruit and veggie platter to the potluck.

Whether your summer is a free-for-all, you stay on your routine like glue or you are somewhere in between, remember to give yourself some grace … you can always start again tomorrow.