Decluttering and Deep Cleaning Bring About a Sense Of Renewal, Just in Time for Spring

By Marty Basher

Most of us have stress in our lives, it is pretty common. So, it is important that we do what we can to limit unnecessary stress, such as messy environments. A messy desk, car or house can really impede your ability to function at your optimal capacity. Take the time you need to get rid of stuff or put things in their places. There is plenty to be stressed out over—don’t let messiness be one of them.

Cleaning up a messy environment gives a real sense of accomplishment. So many things we do today never really have an end date and do not provide a measurable point to stop and say, “job well done.” Cleaning your home, for instance, can give you that “job well done” feeling. It does not take too long, and the finished product is a nice, tidy living space that will give you a “well done” pat on the back.
Clutter can be unhealthy. A lot of clutter may include things that are toxic, chemical laden or simply just dust-collecting devices. Cleaning out things that you will not use, and probably do not need, can reduce dust, mold and other airborne irritants. Simply cleaning up and decluttering can have a huge impact on the quality of air that you breathe in your home.

Clutter is distracting. A cluttered home can be especially distracting, taking your eye and mind off tasks you want to work on. Clutter has been shown to reduce focus in most adults. Trying to concentrate or complete a task in a room that is full of clutter and distractions can increase the time to completion quite significantly. It just might be that your cluttered home is the reason you keep losing things and spend extra time looking for them.
If your clutter is on a larger scale, you may need to ease into the idea of decluttering. Sometimes, the problem with decluttering is the emotional attachment we feel to all of our stuff. If this describes you, then start with this one tip: Begin by decluttering the least emotional items. Take it one room at a time and first remove items with little or no emotional value. Before you know it, you will be moving on to more items and soon be clutter free.

Organized and decluttered closets are one surefire way to a more organized life. You will save time and energy by not having to painstakingly piece outfits together every morning or search for lost items. Plus, your mind will feel decluttered knowing that behind your closet and cabinet doors, everything is laid out exactly as you need it to be.

Here are a few ways to accomplish getting your closets into shape:

  1. A hanging shoe organizer is not just for shoes. Attach a clear shoe organizer with pockets to the door of your clothes or linen closet. In a closet, use it to store socks, gloves, swimsuits, scarves, ties and more. For the linen closet, store cleaning products, lost socks, a roll of garbage bags, sponges and scrub brushes.
  2. With just a few minutes of your time, your clothes closet can be organized and coded to make getting dressed a breeze—it does not matter whether your closet is big or small. Start by categorizing all the shirts. Once pulled together, file them by short sleeve and long sleeved, then match up by color. Next, do the same with pants and skirts. Now, when it is time to get dressed, you can simply look for a shirt by sleeve length and color. Then you can quickly pair it with a skirt or pants of choice. No more sorting through racks of clothes looking for a missing item stuck between two totally unrelated things.
  3. If you are dealing with a small closet, think outside the box and create more space by building vertically. Add storage cubes on top of a shelf. Add a second hanging bar if you need more space to hang clothes. Storage bins fit nicely under hanging clothes rods to store off-season clothes.
  4. One of the easiest ways to store belts and scarves is by hanging them from shower curtain rings. They are inexpensive, come in big packs and perfectly hold those items that may not have another place to go. Simply snap the ring into place on your closet rod and it is ready to go.
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