Welcome to fall, we made it through yet another scorching summer. Like many, this time of the year excites me (hello, fall fashion and all the pumpkin things), yet can almost feel like an emotional and mental purgatory: caught between where you have been, where you are and where you are going as a new year quickly approaches.

While putting together this issue, I paused to reflect on the subject of happiness and what it truly means. It is a fairly broad topic, as it shows up everywhere from our internal, mental state to our external lives; career and everything in between. The ability to find or create that delight within these areas can be a challenge, but not one that needs to be tackled alone, as we are on this journey together.

Within these pages, we continue on with our series on branding yourself with two articles, Scaling Your Brand and Building Your Clientele Through Branding, both of which will help you look at how you establish your brand successfully. We also get back to that internal happiness with The Goodness Experience, Part 3 and Living By Design, and, along the same lines, we feature Mental Equity, which focuses on those who take up valuable real estate in your head.

Take a moment and reflect upon happiness and what it means to you. Is it a random, sly smile? A secret shared between two people? Is it found in taking a risk or exploring a new adventure? Is it an unexpected package that randomly shows up? The thing about the state of being happy is that we are so conditioned to think about what it is supposed to look like that we often miss out on the little joys of life because we are expecting it to be some certain way. But the relief is that there is no hardcore way to define what it is, exactly. You just know it when you feel it … or when you don’t.

As we live our best lives this fall, I encourage you to take a moment and think about how these topics can be applied to your life each day.

Happiness does not lie in waiting for the moment to be perfect, but in taking the moment and making it perfect.