Your State of Mind is Your Fountain of Youth

By Roselyn Poon

Aging is inevitable; however, old age is optional because it is personal. You can decide if you are old or simply of an age. Aging and old age affects all of us sooner or later; the trick is deferring old age.

There is a world of difference between being a youthful, independent 80-year-old, and one who is forced to live a restricted life, dependent on others to get through the day. The good news is you can do something about your rate of aging; it does not involve spending money, getting a life coach or joining a gym.

The magic ingredient is your state of mind.

Getting control of your state of mind, rather than it controlling you, is a conscious effort on your behalf. The precursor to resetting your inner clock and slowing down the aging process is to get a grip on the following:
• Understanding the power of your state of mind
• Knowing your core state of mind

Understanding the power of your state of mind

Your state of mind colors your experience of life, and heavily influences your point of view, your decisions and your actions.

For example, if you believe you are too old to text, you will tell people you do not text, and when someone does text you, your frustration at not knowing what to do will confirm your belief that you are simply too old. Whereas the truth is that everyone has to learn how to use the latest technological tools. Your inability to text has nothing to do with age and everything to do with a growth mindset and a more forgiving state of mind. Give yourself a break.

There are two fundamental states

Core state of mind:
This is your basic personality. You are a glass half full or half empty person. These are your core characteristics that filter and influence your experience of the world around you. Your core state of mind is shaped by your beliefs, and your beliefs are shaped by your experience of the world. If your family members live into their 90s, you will grow up believing that you too will be kicking around into your 90s. Your beliefs dictate your state of mind and subsequently your feelings and actions; because you believe you will live to a great age, you will maintain your enthusiasm for life over the years. That will result in living to become a great age. It is a wonderful positive self-fulfilling cycle.

Temporary state of mind:
This is a transient state and can change constantly throughout the day. For example, you feel happy because you just watched an uplifting movie. However, on the way home someone cuts you off in traffic causing you to brake harshly and become agitated and annoyed with the world— instant state change within seconds.

Transient states come and go throughout the day, but your core state of mind is with you 24/7.

Know your core state of mind

Most of us do not know what our core state of mind is, even though it determines if your everyday life is wonderful, difficult, sad, exciting or just plain dull.

What is your core state of mind? Are you a “can-do” person or a “victim?” Are you the type of person who believes age is just a number and has no bearing on your life, or do you secretly cringe at every birthday and subconsciously change your state of being to match the textbook description of someone at that age? Do you regularly say, “I am too old for that!” or “It is never too late to give it a go?” All of your little habits and pet phrases give clues as to your core state of mind, which dictates your core state of being. How do you refer to yourself when speaking or thinking about yourself?

If you have trouble working out what your core state is, try asking a good friend to describe you in their words; with the proviso that you will still be good friends afterwards.

The point is that you need to understand your core beliefs about aging and old age, and appreciate the massive impact these beliefs have on your state of mind before you can start the process of pushing old age as far into the future as possible. You need to cultivate a more youthful state of mind. It is never too late to think about your future and decide if you like or do not like what is coming. The important point is to know that you can have input into your future and it starts with your state of mind.

Roselyn Poon is an author, speaker and motivator on all things to do with living younger, longer and extending our most productive phase of life well into what is commonly referred to as our twilight years. Her upcoming book, “Resetting Your Inner Clock,” is scheduled for release later this year.