MooWoo Korean BBQ, located in the northwest part of the valley, creates an unforgettable experience.

Walking in, guests are greeted with the aromas of high-quality, marinated meats grilling to perfection. Once seated, diners choose from three different barbeque combinations: the Moo BBQ or the Woo BBQ, which feature five different meats or the MooWoo BBQ, which features 10 different meats, including shrimp and chicken. Individual entrees include selections of pork, beef, seafood, fish or chicken entrees, stews and noodles. Servers cook the seasoned meats on a table-top grill, which creates a unique eating experience where you can sit back, relax and enjoy your company without the work.

Banchan, traditional Korean side dishes, accompanies the combinations and includes house salad, steamed egg, Korean potato salad, pickled white radish, pickled cucumbers, fish cakes, salad and corn cheese.

MooWoo Korean BBQ
5770 Centennial Center Blvd.
Suite 150