Dermatology Pioneer

Area of Specialty: Dermatology, Skincare and Telemedicine

“I was the most challenging of my three siblings to raise. You can relate that to my zest for adventure, jumping without fear, and challenging the status quo. As a kid, that caused my mom early grays, but those qualities are valuable as an adult,” states Erika Kimble, founder and creator of Parasol Dermaceuticals and Parasol Virtual Dermatology.

From childhood to adulthood, Erika’s curious nature has garnered her awards, competing in Invent America, a scholarship to the Ohio State University, the William Oxley Thompson Award for early career achievement, Top 100 Nurses of OSU and across the nation.

Erika is a mother, entrepreneur, dermatology clinician, and charitable volunteer. She has been caring for dermatology patients for 13 years, but perceives a need for innovation, supported by her leadership lessons in the UNLV doctorate program. She has left a brick-and-mortar practice to fully operate the Parasol brand, as an effort to meet the needs and demands she saw of her dermatology patients. “With the current situation in healthcare, patients have a one to three month wait to see a dermatologist and co-pays that may be $40 or more per visit. After receiving treatment, many patients can’t afford their medications, as even generics can cost $100 and beyond!” states Erika. For this reason, many citizens are not receiving essential dermatology care.

With her knowledge in medicine, scientific skincare, and grasp on beauty as a former pageant queen, Erika developed the Parasol Dermaceuticals online store, to provide affordable treatments for skin, hair and nail issues. Many of the solutions offered are concentrated ingredients, formerly by prescription and not available in typical retail. Her online business provides options for those who cannot afford their prescriptions. Additionally, with her newly launched signature anti-aging line, Erika can also offer affordable beauty, with ingredients similar to expensive cosmeceuticals, without the price tag.

For anything that cannot be resolved with items from the Parasol Dermaceuticals Store, her second business, Parasol Virtual Dermatology, provides a quick fix for skin, hair or nail problems. A visit can be completed via computer or mobile phone and offers guided advice and e-scribed prescriptions. For only $49 or $69 for a visit (one condition, two conditions), patients who cannot wait the one to three months, those with no insurance, high deductibles, or primarily Spanish speakers (Spanish language available) can gain access to dermatology care. “I am excited to be an entrepreneur on the cusp of modernizing healthcare in Nevada and a grass roots effort to resolve disparity in dermatology care,” states Erika.

In her spare time, when not contemplating modernizing medicine in 2020, Erika enjoys travel, community events and supporting charitable causes in the Las Vegas community. She has been a volunteer with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Create A Change Now, Joy Prom and SHERO. | |
Facebook & Instagram: @parasoldermaceuticals & @parasolvirtualderm