Public Works Coffee Bar was founded by fifth grade public school teacher Annelisa Polk. She had a desire to create a livable, downtown community on Water Street in downtown Henderson. The coffee bar and the mixed-use building that houses it are part of an economic redevelopment project called Southend on Water Street. Public Works Coffee Bar strives for exceptional customer service while providing a varied menu, featuring artisanally crafted coffee beverages and a wide selection of teas.

Specialties include Cuban honey latte (raw sugar, honey and cinnamon are the basis for this best seller) and tropical green iced tea. The menu also offers baked goods, including the Cruffin (a croissant and muffin hybrid provided by The Mad Batter Café and Bakery) and the cinnamon roll by Chef Fleming. Local vendors provide wine and beer selections, including Citra Rye IPA by Joseph James.

Public Works Coffee Bar
314 South Water St.