Happy New Year! We hope you are as excited to dive into 2019 as we are.

I would like to take a brief moment to thank you for the positive feedback we received about our “Unmask Yourself” theme in 2018. We are thrilled to know that so much of the content resonated with you. So many of you shared that you were able to go deep within, let go and heal some of your past pain in order to go be the best YOU possible.

We are looking forward to this year’s theme: “Brand Yourself.” We will focus on how we show up: physically, mentally, spiritually and in many other ways. We are going to encourage you to put thought, effort and intention into these areas so that you can level-up your game and with that comes more reward. We want to remove the autopilot in order to live life passionately on purpose.

We are sharing more business opportunities and networking options, as well as tips for making the best use of your time. I believe we would all like to work smarter, not harder, and you will find useful information in this issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine to do just that.

It is also the time of year to do some spring cleaning. We want to challenge you to clean out more than just your closets. Look at your personal and professional relationships. Are they serving you? Do you have the right coaches, fans and mentors in place? The Las Vegas community has so much to offer and becomes so much more when we unite and support one another. Our People to Watch section features some incredible talent, please take the time to get to know them.

It is never too late to change your course, nor find your dream team who will support and champion your rebrand. There are so many new opportunities out there and the competition gets better and better. It is up to us to stay on trend and educate ourselves in order to be most effective. It’s true that knowledge is power, and we are going to provide you with resources that will be sustainable during the technological transitions that are ahead of us.

Thank you for allowing us to lead, motivate and celebrate you … one issue at a time.


You are one of a kind. Brand yourself accordingly. Unknown