Can you believe summer is here already?

StephanieNow that we are several months into 2019, how are you doing with the goals you set at the beginning of the year? One of my goals was to give myself permission … permission to pause; permission to play; permission to just allow life to be what it is; to stop resisting and having to control outcomes. It is something I long for. I have had to come to terms with accepting that I am a work in progress and this mindset is not going to happen overnight. You will find a few articles in this issue that provide guidance in this area. I am excited to share them with you in hopes that we can grow together, if this is something you are also challenged with.

While this issue is out, I will reach a milestone birthday and have been looking back on my years. Wow, the things I have accomplished and overcome. If you are like me, I try to be a better version of myself every single day. I can also get caught up in that and not pause to appreciate how far I have come. Yes, there are still so many dreams I have for myself, and I may or may not be where I thought I would be by now, but what I have accomplished to date is something to celebrate. It is so important that we celebrate ourselves, often.

This issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine offers many inspiring and educational articles to support you on your journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. From living younger longer to branding tips, to why interaction is so important and many more, my hope is that you will find motivation within these pages and feel guided to become a better you.

We spotlight doctors who are dedicated to providing the best medical care in Southern Nevada. They are staying on top of cutting-edge advancements and technology in order to provide you with the latest treatments to help you feel healthy and full of vitality. Dr. Victoria Chen, who graces our cover with her beautiful daughters, talks about how important motivation and mentoring are in her family’s life.

While the heat is about to engulf the Las Vegas Valley, we encourage you to pack up and go on a road trip to some beautiful, cooler nearby destinations. Oh, and grab a book or two from our list of great reads before you head out. Most importantly, this summer, do not forget to give yourself permission to pause; to play; to be YOU.

Thank you for allowing us to lead, motivate and celebrate you … one issue at a time.


Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything that it is. Mandy Hale