Create Your Own Unique Style and Niche to Stand Out

By Jodi Friedman

As a real estate broker in Las Vegas, I enjoyed a certain amount of satisfaction working with buyers and sellers for more than 30 years. Real estate agents tend to brand themselves with their company’s values through education, determination and consistent tried-and-true systems. Marketing is meant to get the product known, which, in reality, is you. You are the product; selling your wisdom, knowledge and ability to get things done with the least amount of stress in the shortest amount of time for the client. Branding, then, is really about your reputation and how the public sees you.

Back in the 90s and early 2000s, I remember being dazzled by agents who utilized billboards to get themselves in front of the public eye. That was unique and different in those days, to say the least. It helped them create instant recognition, and over time the public would form an opinion of whether their services merited their image … or if they did not.

My career took a fork in the road when I realized that I was ready to step fully into my purpose of sharing alternative and holistic work, so I decided to receive referrals for clients and stop personally selling real estate nearly two years ago.

To move into a new career in holistic health and wellbeing in my 50s, a special type of branding was desired to become known. With a small private practice of reiki healing and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coaching, not many people knew that side of me. They also had no idea that I coached women to take a stand in healing their pain so that they could see themselves with a whole new set of lenses to achieve their unique purpose in their lives.

I decided to look at this from a whole new vantage point. When the opportunity arose, I chose to be courageous and innovative. I was branded on the cover of Las Vegas Woman magazine in the summer 2017 issue. This bold stand helped me lean directly into my energy work and healing facilitation. With that came a full article on changing my career to step joyfully into my dream.

Recently, I was cast as an expert thought leader in the film called “Becoming the Keys,” an inspirational movie about overcoming adversity through seven transformational keys. This epic movie stars don Miguel Ruiz of “The Four Agreements,” Dr. Joe Vitale of “The Secret,” and Brian Tracy, author of the bestseller “Psychology of Achievement.” The movie is being distributed on Gaia and is also available on DVD.

When you brand yourself, think big! Be bold and do not let anyone else’s ideas keep you small. Be the best version of yourself, no matter what that is. Find your brand by finding what you truly love …

Jodi Friedman, NLP master coach, reiki master teacher and meditation specialist, works exclusively with those ready for transformational authentic change to attract lasting joy and success. You can contact her at