A Staple on the Las Vegas Coffee Scene

Sunrise Coffee first opened in 2008 and has since become the longest running independent coffee shop in Las Vegas. The idea behind the locale was to make it a place for the community to gather and hang out. Since then, it has become a hotspot for dates, proposals on the patio and a place to form lifelong friendships. Sunrise Coffee is a sister of Mothership Coffee Roasters, sharing an enthusiasm of roasting their own ethically sourced coffee beans and sharing fair trade practices and eco-consciousness with customers.

Their mission is to make great coffee, be authentic, become a part of customers’ days and love serving others. Sunrise Coffee has helped pave the way for independent coffee shops to become popular in Las Vegas.

The eclectic and artistic décor is warm and welcoming, giving customers a feeling of belonging and being a part of the fabric that makes up Sunrise Coffee. The outdoor patio offers a beautiful spot to hang out on year-round and the open space is comfortable enough for meetings or meetups.

Coffee service ranges from traditional drip coffee and pour overs to exquisite handmade lattes. They push the envelope when it comes to menu offerings, from making their own sauces and syrups from scratch to specialty creations, such as the Matcha Unicorn made with matcha, lemons and butterfly tea. When mixed together the yellow, green and blue turn into purple.

Other offerings include a variety of lattes (Nutella, mocha, crème brulee, lavender, caramel, and others); drip coffee; pour-over coffee; cold brew; loose leaf and herbal teas and frappes.

Sunrise Coffee has an assortment of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food offerings that are made fresh daily. Their specialty is the Alien Burrito, which is a vegetarian or vegan burrito filled with herbed spinach, red bell peppers, tomatoes, avocados, hummus and other delicious goodness. Other menu items include bagels, parfaits and granola, sandwiches, bowls and more. All of the pastries and breads are homemade using organic whole wheat, including gluten-free and vegan ingredients.

3130 E. Sunset Rd., Suite A