Part Three: Happy Thoughts Lead to a Happy Life

By Janice Marie Wilson

We all strive to live a happy life. Many books, workshops and videos have been created with the intent of teaching this state of bliss. They all have merit and have taught millions of people better ways to live their lives. So why is the presence of happiness often a fleeting feeling and an elusive goal to maintain?

Let us pretend that simply thinking better thoughts is the place to start. It is the starting point where we can begin to guide our feelings to attract people, places and experiences that will bring us more joy and happiness. If you could consciously decide to choose thoughts that make you feel better every day, could you? Would you?

We have between 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts in a day, with 80% of them being negative and 90% being repetitive. That leaves us with 10 to 20% that need our focus to create a happier life.

What you think is who you become. You are born with an Inner Being that is comprised of the positive attributes of truth, beauty, grace, happiness and source energy. This is your Goodness, your G.O.D. (graceful Orb of Divinity). Believing in this power that is in you, and greater than you, is how you align with the positive energy that creates worlds.

Your task each day is to focus on your positive attributes and let go of the negative. You choose what thoughts you think. Sometimes the choice to think good thoughts seems like an insurmountable task. Focus on how you gain the momentum to spend more of your time feeling these good thoughts. If you feel bad, it is because you have disconnected from your G.O.D., your Inner Being. Your Inner Being is eternally positive and good. When you feel bad, it means you pulled the plug; disconnected from the power of your Goodness, (G.O.D.) That 80% has gotten your attention; that is why you are stuck.

The solution is to give your attention to thinking better thoughts. Some of us are so overwhelmed with responsibilities that we do not take the time to think about whether we love ourselves, those around us and what we can do to think thoughts that make us feel good. Life is nothing but a whirlwind of activity that flies by us from the time we wake up until bedtime when we do not have the energy to move.

We also use this activity as a protection: if we stop juggling our activities, our world will fall apart. What would happen if you took the time to pray, meditate and think about your day and how you want to feel as it unfolds?

You have the choice to think better thoughts. Not by being afraid, but by allowing and accepting only good. You get to choose the thoughts that are good for you. You get to decide what thoughts you think. You get to pick what they will be, but if you find yourself in a downward spiral or the proverbial rabbit hole, pause. Don’t think. Take a moment to meditate, say to yourself, “Everything is always working out for me.” Yes, you can choose Goodness. Control + Alt + Delete and reboot your system. Learn what it means to respond and not react. It takes courage to do nothing in the face of challenges. It takes trust to “Let Go and Let God.” It takes believing in your True Self, to follow your heart’s desires. It takes peace beyond a wish to allow only good in your life.

You were born with the ability to do this. You have the choice to connect with your True Self. You have everything you need to feel happy thoughts. Rely on your Inner Being, the power of your G.O.D. You can tell by how you feel and what you are manifesting, if you are succeeding. Good thoughts give good results. Negative feelings produce unhappy experiences. It takes intention, focus, and belief that you can live a happy life. Remember, success is measured by the amount of joy you feel. Now go out and take a walk in the sunshine. It increases serotonin, your happiness chemical.

Enjoy the Goodness in you …

Before getting out of bed each morning, take a few minutes to practice these exercises to help you fulfill your life with happiness and joy. If needed, journal your thoughts so that you can reflect on what you were feeling.

Find three things that you are grateful for. They can be big or small. Focus on the feeling that this appreciation brings to you.

Now, look at these same three things and feel the love and appreciation they have for you. It could be a beautiful flower that you love; feel that flower loving you.

Focus on what you want. If what you don’t want pops into your head, use that thought to clarify what you do want. You can tell by the way you feel if you are thinking about what you want. Think only thoughts that feel good and you will feel good.

Today, live from your heart.

Write down what you love.

Sing what you love.

Eat what you love.

Breathe what you love.

In short, just love. It is the state of mind you are.

Focus on the key ingredient to every success: love.

Janice Wilson is a keynote speaker, workshop leader, fashion consultant and author. Her book, “The Goodness Experience” provides the inspiration for this series. You can contact her at