Part One

By Janice Wilson

The day we were born, there was a promise of hope for each of us to have a life of happiness, fulfillment, beauty, freedom and joy. Everything good that one could desire was held in this spiritual promise. No one was left out. At least that is what our parents told us. So, what happened to the happily ever after?

We grew up hoping we could do it all, have it all, be it all. But the real world challenged that rainbow-hued promise. What changed? Why did we hit stumbling blocks? When did everything start falling apart?

Each of us has hit a “wall” at one time or another. We scream, cry and ask, “Why me? Why did this happen? How can I get my life back on track?” Sometimes we ignore what has happened and become numb. Often, we get busier and hope the problems go away. We talk to friends, have sleepless nights, self-medicate, flounder and wonder if there is any good left in the world.

After a few of these failures, we look for advice and approval from others. We hope they will show us the way. We are told by the experts, “No matter where you have been, what you have been through, what you have, or what you don’t have, that promise you were given at birth is still the truth about life.” Everything will be all right … someday. But, somehow and some way, that someday never comes.

If you want to find a way to experience what you want in your life now, not someday, then practicing The Goodness Experience is how you can learn to live with abandon, freedom, fulfillment, joy and the expectation of good. Words don’t teach. Experience is how we learn. When you learn to practice the principles of “goodness,” you will discover there are perfect answers for every problem. There is a foundation of truth and love that we all have. When we acknowledge our goodness, we find freedom. You will discover your true heart and become congruent with love and goodness.
Good is in every moment of life. The Laws of Goodness are always active, supporting and sustaining you. They are the proof that God or Good is present in our lives.”

Disappointments and hardships can be angels that move us to discover more Goodness in every circumstance. We are never in a helpless position. At any time, we can awaken to the Good we value about ourselves and others. This is how you find fulfillment. When you look at your problems as opportunities to move forward with love, you will experience your heart’s desires.

The choice is always yours. Ask yourself:

Will you accept being a victim, or will you have the courage to see the Goodness?

Will you allow yourself to overcome fear, loss and grief with love for yourself and see that everything is always working for your GOOD.

Will you let go of the anger, the bitterness, the hatred that life’s tragedies have fostered and focus on the beauty of your heart’s desires?

Will you allow yourself to come out of the prison of self-pity and quit asking “why me” and begin to explore and receive the answers that the Laws of Goodness give to you?

Will you choose to live the life you have always wanted? If that is what you want, the answers lie in the exercises that follow.

You will begin to:
*Live more deeply
*Love more fully
*Live more freely

The INSTANT GOODNESS Gratification Challenge


  1. What if? Expand your horizon.
    Make a list of the most wild, outlandish “what ifs?” Use your imagination and have fun.

  2. I am gratitude.
    Stand in front of a mirror and acknowledge your Goodness—physically and spiritually. Love yourself and acknowledge your power.

  3. I am value.
    Think about the people you admire. You are as valuable to this world as anyone in your dreams. You are the treasure, so live it.

  4. I am humility.
    Remember the deepest feeling of love you’ve ever felt in your life? A time when your world seemed to be in perfect harmony. Think about one of your underlying fears and dismiss it completely from your mind.

  5. I am beautiful.
    Express your beauty. When you talk to anyone, say your words with kindness, gentleness, care and compassion. With each thought, see beauty in every motion.

  6. I am love.
    For 24 hours, stop any fearful, angry or hateful thoughts. If an unloving thought comes to mind or unloving words come out of your mouth, reverse them. Restate the unloving thoughts or words.

  7. I am me.
    Dance at least once a day, even if it is in your living room by yourself or with your pet. Smile at least 10 times to strangers.

In time, you will develop a new attitude and will focus on the Goodness that exists all around you.
Until next time …

Janice Wilson is a keynote speaker, workshop leader, fashion consultant and author. Her book, “The Goodness Experience” provides the inspiration for this series. You can contact her at