Five Mindset Hacks to Implement Today

By Galit Ventura-Rozen

At the age of 22, I attended real estate school at the same time I was completing my business degree. It was more common at the time for those in my graduating class to get a job and work for someone straight out of college. I chose a commissioned path; a self-employment path, one where I did not receive a paycheck every week and my income was directly related to my productivity, work hours and self-motivation.

To be successful, the right mindset is a must.

To be successful, the right mindset is a must. To be successful in a business or profession that you are paid commission, implementing these mindset hacks into your day-to-day will give you the push you may need at times to be successful.

1. Be your own boss: When you work for someone, you have specific hours, days and times to be in or out of the office, you get a lunch break and you have a task list of items to complete every day. This is critical to your success.

2. Boundaries: One of the biggest mistakes I see is those who are paid through commission make is not setting boundaries with their clients. Your client will abide by what you set up front. For example: If you state you only answer calls from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, your clients will not expect a phone call to be answered unless it is an emergency. Same with email, set up dates and times you will return messages or you will be expected to be available to your clients 24/7.

3. Self-motivation: When someone is not expecting you at the office or you do not get a call if you do not show up to work, you will often have to self-motivate. How? Know what your motivation is to work. For some, it is the income so they can take care of themselves and loved ones. For others, it could be passion and purpose for what they do. For others, it will be all of these and more. Make sure you know what your motivation is for those days you just do not feel like working.

4. Accountability: When you work for someone, you are held accountable to your job duties, goals, quotas and more. Make sure to take time to set up your own accountability and goals. It is much easier to succeed when you know what success looks like for you. Make financial goals, amount of product or clients you will work with goals and future goals. When a task or opportunity shows itself that is not directly related to your goal, revisit it and make a decision that will benefit what you are wanting to accomplish. If your strength is not holding yourself accountable, find someone that will.

5. Know the value of your time: Figure out
what your value is with the income you are making, or want to make, and break it down by hour. This will help you make executive decisions to benefit your success. If you are making $100 an hour and are working on putting together a flyer for an upcoming sale, you may want to hire someone who may cost you $30 an hour. This is a big challenge for those who prefer trying to do everything themselves. When you figure out the value of your time, you will then realize your time is valuable and should be spent on the tasks and goals associated with the success you strive to achieve.

As a commission-based solopreneur, it is important to step back from your business or profession and re-evaluate how you are doing things today. Are the choices you are making benefiting your end goal? Do you use your time wisely? Or are you in a spiral of not making money and not reaching the success you desire. If so, make one small change that can have a positive impact on your successful mindset.

Galit Ventura-Rozen is the author of “The Successful Woman’s Mindset,” a business coach, multi award-winning professional speaker, corporate trainer and Business Executive Consultant. You can learn more about Galit at