By Galit Ventura-Rozen

Embracing your value. What does that mean? It means you embrace your worth and you do not allow anyone at any time to treat you less than what you deserve.

Have you ever walked into a room and right away noticed a woman who stood out and thought, “Wow, she is amazing.”? More than likely, the woman you see embraces her value and what you are experiencing is the effect of her doing so. You cannot expect anyone to know your value if you do not believe it and know it for yourself first.

Embracing your value has nothing to do with how others see you, it starts and ends with the way you see yourself.

Embracing your value has nothing to do with how others see you, it starts and ends with the way you see yourself. Do you see yourself as smart, funny, beautiful, driven, successful? It is always easier to see the value in the people you love in place of yourself.

3 Ways to Embrace Your Value:
1. Make a list without thinking, or stopping, of all the positive qualities that describe you in your personal and professional life. This list can include any characteristic that you see as positive. This, at times, is challenging for women because we were not all taught to look at ourselves in a positive way and embrace our value. This list is invaluable if you make sure not to stop and overthink what you are writing. One way you can accomplish this list is by thinking of the words people most often compliment you with. Until today when someone says I am amazing, I still struggle to believe it. Why? Because as women we do not commonly see ourselves in the way others do.

2. Listen to that voice in your head.
This step may seem a bit odd but think about it: That voice in your head is you. If it is telling you that you deserve that promotion or questioning why you are staying in a job where you are not valued, listen. That voice in our head can be fearful to listen to, but if a thought continues to come up repeatedly about how you are not being valued, are being mistreated or anything similar, you are doing yourself a disservice by not listening. Yes, it can be scary to make a change, or a decision based on your value, but time and time again I have watched the most fearful decisions have positive outcomes. Remember that saying, “When one door closes, another opens.”

3. Own your power.
I believe each of us has a gift inside that many do not share with others because they fear judgement. If you are not surrounded by women and men who support every crazy idea you have, find those who will. You own your power by knowing you are capable of more and the things holding you back are you, followed by judgement. It is important to know that there is no possible way you will ever please everyone in your life. It is easier to just stop trying. Instead, own your power and stand your ground when you have an opinion, when something does not feel right or when you know your value, and embrace it.

As women, we are natural peacemakers and caretakers and tend to put others before ourselves. Embracing your value means it is time to put yourself first. If you do not, it is possible you will be treated by others at less than your value and that never ends well. It could mean being taken for granted at your job, being treated less than you deserve in your personal or professional relationships, and it can mean losing your drive and motivation to have the life that you desire and deserve. It is important to remember more than anything, “Your life, your way.”

Galit Ventura-Rozen, M.A. is the author of “The Successful Woman’s Mindset,” an award-winning international speaker, Business Performance Expert for executives and entrepreneurs as well as an avid influencer and philanthropist. You can learn more about Galit at or connect with her on social media.