and Empower Other Women

By Galit Ventura-Rozen

Just the other day, I connected a fellow female entrepreneur with a potential paid speaking opportunity. The first thing she said was, “Thank you for the opportunity, what can I do for you in return?” There was no money made from the connection, and it was purely done from wanting to see and support fellow women speakers. This is not to be mistaken as not knowing my value, but, as women, I believe it is our duty to do our best to uplift, promote and support women.

How can you do the same? Here are a few ways that are effortless, I promise you will feel so good afterward, and it gives you an opportunity to pay it forward.

Mentor a woman who would be interested in learning about your profession, business or area of expertise. I am positive there are women out there who would love to know how to get into the business you are in, the job that you have, or your expertise. You can reach out to the local colleges, universities, and high schools and ask. I am sure that you will have a line of people waiting who are interested. There are also many volunteer mentorship programs available all over the city that would be more than happy to connect you with a younger girl or woman who would love to have the guidance you have to offer. I believe each of us has a gift that can be shared, and we should bring up the next wave of women professionals.

Hire women and work with women. Another way to increase and empower women is to hire them and work with them. In one of my businesses, I have four virtual assistants who are women, have worked with multiple coaches who are women, and delegate out graphics and more to women. This does not mean that I don’t work with men, one of my other businesses happens to be largely male dominated. I have chosen in my female-focused business Empowering U to surround myself with women who I can empower and women who will empower me.

Competition. Stop thinking of others as your competition. I have not once felt that a woman is taking business from me or is a detriment to my success because I am hired to show her my secrets to success with my business and speaking. Have confidence in your abilities to be successful and recognize other women are not your competition; they can complement you, offer you referrals and even show you how to shine more. When you let go of the idea that another woman is your competition and instead recognize there is enough room in this world for both of you to be successful, that is when you are truly empowering other women.