It starts with a simple question of “How are you?” How you are is how the app will help you reach your health goals. Whether you want to stress less, eat healthier or exercise more, the app engages with stress experts, nutritionists, behavioral psychologists and personal trainers to stay on top of the latest research and science. Options include a three-week weight loss plan, calories counter, personalized diets, habit trackers, recipes and more. Available in the AppStore or on Google Play. Subscription required.

The premise behind this fitness and weight loss app is to bring about a better, healthier version of you. It helps with calorie counting, ensuring that you are exercising and hitting your goals. Workout and meal plans are based on expert input, so you can be sure what you are doing is safe. Choose the areas of your body to work on, your level of fitness, fill out some details on yourself and choose your subscription. Available in the AppStore or on Google Play. Subscription required.

TimeTree keeps family and small group schedules in sync with the support of displaying multiple calendars. Share event messages and schedule changes within your group so you are never late to an important event again. The app syncs with Google and iCloud calendars and with the widget, you can easily access events. Available in the AppStore or on Google Play, free.