Summer usually means more outside time. We put together some gadgets to help you make the most out of your fun in the sun. Items from portable chargers (social media post or it never happened) to speaker sunglasses (brilliant) to waterproof phone pouches (thank you) to a wine carrying case; amazing antitheft backpack; and drinkware that does not water down your cocktails or make it sweat (hello, Sangria). You are welcome!

1. Snowfox Glassware, starting at $32.99 for a two pack, or
2. Anker PowerCore Portable Chargers $29.99 – $119.99,,
3. VinGardeValise Grande 05, $329.99,
4. Travel Fusion Anti-theft Backpack, $99.99,
5. Bose Frames Alto 52mm Audio Sunglasses, $199,
6. Kona Submariner Waterproof Phone Pouches, available in plus size, $12.95 and regular, $10.95 at