Taking the Time to Live in the Moment and Honor Where You Are

By Holly Davis, CPCI, ABD

We are living in a new day. We are absolutely able to be free from anything that is holding us back. We can think the way we want. We can move forward, break through barriers and stop long enough to take into consideration where we are now, and how far we have come. It is a shame this is not taught in kindergarten, or on television, but taking a fearless moral inventory of your life is completely acceptable. Let me allow you to congratulate yourself.

Longing for days in the past, or have hope for the future is common practice, but tapping into the “you” that you have become is a great practice. This type of thinking could be called awareness. I feel most alive when I am “in the now” conscious of my life. This alert, now, being rather than the strife of do-do-doing is a calming assuring way to BE. Living in the past tends to bring pain, whereas always thinking about the future can leave you feeling fearful or unsure. However, if you are living one day at a time, and appreciating where you are, there is much more freedom. I would like to add, thinking about yourself—and not how others are living—is also a great way to keep a healthy perspective.

To take this a step further, think of how much time you have squandered away while wishing things were different? The “if onlys” are a terrible waste of time. How about this, the people that have curly hair all wish they had straight hair, the tall folks wish they were shorter and so on and so on. Let us consider the concept of: It is what it is. Acceptance is a beautiful thing!

I would like to challenge you in your finest moment, right now, to consider your life and where you are. It helps when you pull back and get a hawk-eye perspective, rather than nit-picking all the little things. Look from a higher perspective over your entire life journey that led you to where you are now. Next, celebrate. Give honor to all that you have overcome. Notice the amazing talents, skills and pathfinding you did to get where you are right now in this moment.

This waking up to yourself is all it takes to keep going stronger. Staying in the mundane and minutia of life is heavy and not quite as productive. To take this “honing into me and my life” concept even further, think about how you are with people. What do you bring to the table? How are you with others? Acknowledging all these aspects allows you to change what you do not like in a compassionate way. This perspective also helps you to acknowledge you and all you do. This is healthy and necessary.

Let’s not waste any more time hoping for better days, shall we? Let’s live in the yes of life and get our heads in the here and now. This allows you to be happy now, not when you win the lottery, lose five pounds, when you finish your degree, when the kids grow up, or when they come back home to visit. You can choose to appreciate, honor and love where you are now.

As I write this article, I am on a plane, and I just had the craziest thought, “I am so good right now. I do not need anything right now, I do not have to do anything right now, I am not hot or cold, and I have plenty of room. It is a wonder, but I am alright right now.” Think about that. You can probably catch yourself being so good right now much more often when you are aware of it rather than looking for what is wrong. Catch yourself being proud of yourself.

Even more than the incidentals of the “me I have become” thought process, I would like you to say to yourself, “I am proud of myself.” Why not? Whoever said not to applaud yourself or to not be your biggest fan? Now, I can understand thinking higher of yourself than you ought, but most people I work with do not give themselves enough credit. Go ahead and congratulate, celebrate, honor and give compassion to yourself. Besides, everyone loves a party, or a reason to be happy, so we can get our heads out of the mundane. It is like a vacation for your soul when you take the time to check in with yourself. You deserve to be happy now. To further seal this acknowledgement of you, I have some more YOU work to enjoy:

* Buy yourself a beautiful greeting card and write yourself a note of “Way to go!”
* Book that vacation
* Buy yourself flowers
* Put something on lay-a-way just for yourself
* Make a wish list
* Get a new hairstyle
* Throw yourself a party (noone will mind)
* Know that you are worthy to receive

Holly Davis is a private practice counselor in Las Vegas, mother of five, and Ph.D. candidate in human and social services. Holly is a yoga teacher, author and host of the weekly show “Good Medicine,” aired weekly on wwdbtv.com. To learn more visit hollydaviscounseling.com or email her directly at Info@hollydaviscounseling.com.