The original draft of my editor’s letter sits untouched, collecting dust in the documents folder of my laptop. It was written about two weeks before the world was flipped upside down as we entered an unknown territory for almost anyone alive today: quarantine 2020.

As we reconnect with friends and share our stories of “Life in Quarantine,” we are learning that each of us had different experiences, whether it was pursuing a passion project and turning it into a business, tackling your to-do list, learning to work from home, homeschooling or learning something new about yourself or your partner. It was a time for discovery for many; present company included. I started out full of dread based off the idea I would be attempting to homeschool my first grader. But what I learned is that I actually enjoyed the opportunity to spend this much time with her and in the end, I was making slime, doing science experiments and staying up too late enjoying too many snacks.

It was the most time I had spent with family without having to rush off to school, work, a lesson or activity. I truly got to slow down and smell those proverbial roses. I tapped into creative skills that had been repressed—or I didn’t know that I had—I learned patience, organized my house and improved my communication skills.

If, like many of us, you found yourself in a place of self-discovery, you may be wondering what is next and where do you go from here or how do you stay in your lane now. Within this issue of Las Vegas Woman, we cover topics such as “Finding Your Calm: Living Peacefully in a Crazy World” and “Relationships Under Quarantine: Staying Strong While Staying Together” to help you navigate some of these choppy waters. If getting back out and celebrating is what you are most eager for, be sure to read “Girlfriends’ Guide to Getting Out” and our “Warm-weather Wines” for some delicious suggestions.

As we go forward in new territory and attempt to establish a new normal, I encourage you all to continue the quiet, continue pursuing your passions, continue being grateful and above all, continue being good to yourself.