Consignment boutiques are giving a whole new meaning to the words going green by saving you green (in your wallet) and being green to...

Long overshadowed by the itsy bitsy bikini, the iconic one-piece swimsuit is making a defiant and definite comeback this summer with a fashionably fierce vengeance. However, your look will not be complete without the right pair of eye-catching eyewear. This season’s sunglasses make a bold statement.

Create this whimsical look with five easy steps, transforming a day in the office to a night on the town by simply changing your lip color and adding a few lashes.

Debunk conditioner confusion; jump head first into summer By April Fried We’ve all stood in the local beauty shop or supermarket aisle, glaring at rows...

Yes, it can happen. Everyone has bacteria and mites living on the skin and this is usually a beneficial relationship but when overpopulation occurs, there is a problem.

Whether it is dry skin or scalp, or your locks losing their lushness, you can restore your beauty with these great grabs By Jennifer Florendo LUSH...

Chic geek and first lady collection
Her haute couture line, First Lady Collection by Pamela Humphrey, is an assemblage of silk dupioni, fine lace worthy of being labeled as haute couture and fine gemstones. It is designed for the woman who wants to feel like she is the First Lady.

Stylist Jamie Johnson and Bella Bridesmaids offer one of the largest collections of bridesmaid dresses from the world’s leading designers in the Bella Showrooms.

Eccoci at Boca Park and its personal fashion consultants have been helping women for over eight years connect and tell their stories of success, family, fun and the sheer pleasure of looking and feeling beautiful.

Artist Meghann Mason
Behind the Beauty: Artist Meghann Mason Wig Master for Cirque du Soleil’s KÀ