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Whether for work or for play, dressing for your age is always in style By Laura Rubeli “At every age, the ability to listen to your...

Lady Peep Painted Slingback
Bold or subtle; thick or skinny; horizontal, vertical or even zigzag in pattern, this season’s most popular trend has everyone walking the line for stripes.

2018 Gift Guide: Gifts of Beauty

It is all about the strands Let’s Talk About Your Hair is a vision created by master stylist and award-winning salon owner Peter Anthony Wynn,...

Carve out a couple of hours, grab a glass of wine, put some music on and get started by asking yourself these five questions:

Yes, it can happen. Everyone has bacteria and mites living on the skin and this is usually a beneficial relationship but when overpopulation occurs, there is a problem.

At New U Natural Beauty, Dr. He and her daughter Olivia provide their clients with the highest degree of customer service in a professional and unique setting.

Eccoci is more than a clothing store; it is a unique experience that combines designer fashion with affordable prices and outstanding service.

Tiffany and Oliver’s wedding day was full of so many emotions and Moxie Studio was there to photograph the entire event. The wedding was...

Janice-Marie Wilson and Yvonne Rodriguez have made it their mission to enjoy life, discovering new favorites that will do just that. Their YouTube show, “Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good,” inspires women to look their best, feel extraordinary and do all the things that make life sparkle.