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The day I decided that I didn’t have the will to “Jones” anymore—that is, I stopped trying to keep up with everyone else—was the day I decided to live with intention. That is the day I started a minimalist lifestyle.

It is common for adolescents to begin to transition their care to a primary care doctor. It should be a choice that is made between the parent/child and the provider they would like to see. However, some primary care providers may not choose to see anyone under the age of 18.

Its name might imply outdoor landscaping, but Rio Stones is really a one-stop shop for all interior and exterior stone and tile needs. As a direct importer, Rio carries hundreds of natural stone and engineered quartz slab options, with over 5,000 slabs in stock. Specializing in a broad spectrum of exotic hues in marble, granite, quartzite and travertine natural stones.

Some of the early signs of a prolapsed bladder can include: urinary frequency and urgency, sensation of incomplete bladder emptying, difficulty urinating and pelvic pressure.

Exercise has a number of amazing life changing benefits. Pilates can set the foundation for a healthy, happy sex life. Doing Pilates can strengthen pelvic floor muscles, tone the derriere, strengthen the core muscles, improve flexibility and intensify orgasms.

Local fertility specialist Dr. Eva Littman founded the Red Rock Fertility Center eight years ago with one goal in mind. She wanted to help couples throughout the Las Vegas Valley to become families.

This is my latest lesson in making careful choices when it comes to feeding dogs. Like people, some dogs can eat any and everything, and some dogs cannot. Whether you cook for your dogs, as I do, or feed commercial kibble, one choice doesn’t fit all.

The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of creating new business connections. Throughout the year, the chamber hosts over 100 events for members to form new partnerships, gain new leads, and mingle with new and current members.

According to many sources, including Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research, millennials (born 1980-2000) are now the largest generation in America. For decades, the baby boomers (born 1947-1964) were the largest generation. Both groups have reshaped the economy, society and the workplace.

All throughout Nature there is healing that is happening, which is the result of the Law of Correction. The Law of Correction restores balance everywhere and improves how everything is working. People wear corrective lenses for vision correction and hearing aids for improved hearing.