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Tammy Shaw, just finished 5 laps on the race track
Tammy Shaw, Las Vegas Woman's publisher, takes to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to race a Lamborghini Gallardo 550. You can do this too!...

It was the day they had been dreaming about, and because of Wish Upon A Wedding, memories of the wedding and reception will always be cherished by the couple, family and friends.

Since 1994, Walker Furniture has helped make the holidays brighter for families in need with its Home for the Holidays program. A family owned and operated retailer, Walker Furniture has been in business since 1960 and owned by the Alterwitz family since 1973.

We’ve all heard the terms surrogacy or gestational carrier. We’ve noticed the magazine headlines showing celebrities creating families through use of another woman’s womb.

Pop artist Katy Cappella spent the better part of October in studio with her producer Wade Martin recording a five-track Christmas music EP titled “A Cappella Christmas.” Cappella said she chose the songs because, “they are a meaningful, heartfelt reflection of what the Christmas spirit is about to me.”

Now there’s a woman who understood the core of the male beast. Divas, back in the day, may not have had the corner office or the right to wear pants whenever they wanted, but they had a keen sense of that special something God added when he made Eve.

Trendsetter Eyewear showcases several luxury artistic eyewear collections designed for the very confident, sexy woman who knows and owns her unique sense of style.

Life has, unexpectedly, become a party for Melissa Ann Moore. She never thought she would switch paths while attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for her dream career in nursing. After working in health care for 10 years, life changed and two years later, she is the general manager of Las Vegas Party Rentals.

The two legs that form the perfect foundation for building a successful and/or lasting relationship, be it personal or business, are mutual trust and mutual respect.

By Rev. Thabiti If we exist within the so-called “Game of Life,” then the natural or obvious objective for us all is to win the...