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very woman experiences menopause differently. For some, the symptoms are mild and pass quickly. For others, it is an explosion of hot flashes and mood swings. Women can adopt lifestyle changes to help cope with the changes occurring in their body. Here are some tips including fitness and stress reduction.

Dao Vu answers your most interesting, intimate and out-there questions about love, life and everything in between Dear Dao, My sister’s baby shower was four months...

Every June, United Way of Southern Nevada’s Women’s Leadership Council comes together to celebrate the past year and look forward to future successes.

Instant Transformation of our entire life can happen right now. From this moment forward we can enter into a new way of being alive that takes us far beyond anything we could ever imagine as possible. Instant Transformation is the result of Becoming Conscious.

s summer barrels around the corner, we Las Vegans find ways to “beat the heat.” We either enjoy the beautiful summer nights, or we wake up early for outdoor activities. A fun activity that allows you to do both is to use the morning hours to create inexpensive outdoor furniture that you can enjoy in the evenings (because very few things are as beautiful as Vegas summer nights).

Leonardo da Vinci imagined and created the concept of a contact lens in 1508. But it wasn’t until 1887 that the first contact lens was actually produced from glass, and it was very uncomfortable. The first plastic contact lens, created in 1939, fit the entire eye, but subsequently was designed to fit only on the cornea.

Their crazy ideas and the flexibility and scalability of those ideas are what set Fresh Wata apart from other event companies.

In business, making investments is what makes or breaks a company. Strategically investing in time and resources could make your business—or your career—wildly successful, and not doing so could result in getting left behind. This includes investing in you. Investing your time to learn a new skill, continue your education or embrace a trending technological advance is essential to personal and business growth.

Fixing automobiles is an art<

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Satisfy your fun-loving side at The New Tropicana Las Vegas, which is a tempting new hotspot for women after a $200 million South Beach-inspired transformation.