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As 2014 comes to a close it is only natural to think of 2015 and new beginnings. It’s a tradition for many people: make a set of New Year’s Resolutions, promise to adhere to them and then 12 months later look back and say “okay that didn’t work but this time I really mean it.”

We’ve all heard the terms surrogacy or gestational carrier. We’ve noticed the magazine headlines showing celebrities creating families through use of another woman’s womb.

Land Rover Las Vegas has proudly supported the community since 1999, making a name for itself as the leader in luxury auto sales in Las Vegas.

If you have been unsuccessful at meditating on your own, it may be time to look at and manage your expectations. Many people think that meditation is supposed to look a certain way to find their bliss.

Originally from Buffalo, New York, according to Morgan, he is a reformed for-profit executive. He was senior director of business development and marketing for one of New York’s largest commercial construction firms, founder and CEO of a regional web application development firm and product manager for a large publicly traded printing corporation.

But for those who hibernate this time of year, you’d rather put up the “do not disturb” sign—especially when that first expensive power bill arrives. You can relax and chill; there are some easy fixes you can do around your home to help you keep your cool and bring your energy costs down this season.

By Taylor Makakoa You can tell when it’s fall in Las Vegas. The daytime temperature begins to cool down, you don’t need the air conditioner...

Leonardo da Vinci imagined and created the concept of a contact lens in 1508. But it wasn’t until 1887 that the first contact lens was actually produced from glass, and it was very uncomfortable. The first plastic contact lens, created in 1939, fit the entire eye, but subsequently was designed to fit only on the cornea.

New line of cosmetics and brushes to benefit pediatric cancers research and cure

One of the most effective ways to instill trustworthiness is by incorporating a culture of giving within yourself and your company. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: