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Give Yourself A BREAK
We humans are great at telling each other what to do. We have entire media campaigns telling us to be kind to animals, be considerate to those who are disadvantaged, don’t bully, help our brothers and sisters, support people who need moral support, encourage people whenever and wherever we can, remind people that if we can do it they too can do it—whatever that means.

Relationships Under Quarantine
With COVID-19 quarantine, the economy and the stress of life right now, relationships can struggle under the strain. Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist Erin Wiley, MA, LPC, LPCC shares tips and insights on keeping relationships strong and healthy during these times.

Jaguar Land Rover Las Vegas
As winter slowly falls upon us in Las Vegas, one of the most revered seasonal traditions is taking a drive to the nearby, local mountains for a relaxing day of playing in the snow, challenging the slopes or enjoying lunch at the Mt. Charleston Lodge.

The No. 1 Way Brands Fail
“How are you doing?” a simple question to ask, yet complex to answer for many women when talking with friends and even in their doctor’s office.

Local Leaders
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Alexis Hilts, UNLV School of Medicine
In 1949 only 5.5% of entering medical school students were women, with 6% of the physician workforce comprised of women. In 2017, the Association of American Medical Colleges reported that the number of women enrolled in medical schools exceeded the number of men for the first time. Now, nearly 40% of working physicians are women.

Go Where You Are Welcome
If we are constantly taking exception to where we are, what we have, how we look, or what we have accomplished, then there is no escaping the lack of satisfaction or happiness with the moment we are experiencing.

Your Finest Moment
We are living in a new day. We are absolutely able to be free from anything that is holding us back. We can think the way we want. We can move forward, break through barriers and stop long enough to take into consideration where we are now, and how far we have come.

Top Tips for Improving Curb Appeal and Staging Your Home
Nothing says welcome like a front porch, and your front entryway speaks volumes about your home—make it warm and welcoming with a few simple tips. Give your door a fresh coat of paint, update house numbers and lighting fixtures and hang a winter wreath on the door.

“Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves even when we risk disappointing others.” – Brené Brown