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"We’ve been together for a while and the spark is gone, what are we supposed to do?" I regularly hear this opener from couples seeking therapy. Many couples assume that sex is exciting at first, then the excitement dies down and that is to be expected. WRONG!

We’ve all heard of empty-nest syndrome, which arrives post-adolescence when we are faced with the sudden and stark reality of unmarked calendars and quiet mornings.

How common are affairs and why DO THEY happen?

Hyundai Superstore understands that purchasing a vehicle is a big investment. Their goal is to make the experience easy and enjoyable. They also understand that technology and innovation are important factors when it comes to a car purchasing experience.

Life has, unexpectedly, become a party for Melissa Ann Moore. She never thought she would switch paths while attending the University of Nevada, Las Vegas for her dream career in nursing. After working in health care for 10 years, life changed and two years later, she is the general manager of Las Vegas Party Rentals.

Get Out and Play
Do you want to know the secret to perfect health and well-being? If I could bottle up this secret and sell it, I would be incredibly rich.

By DEBBIE HALL Mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and granddaughters are members of military and serving our country. Yet, the hidden trauma and longest best kept...

While steeped in the dopamine ether of new love, it can be easy to get swept up by the intensity of chemistry and connection. New love is wildly exhilarating.

Lynsey Freeman expresses her passion for finance and financial education in her actions. Whether meeting with clients, volunteering, playing sports or hosting speaking engagements; she has a mission to help her community.

New line of cosmetics and brushes to benefit pediatric cancers research and cure