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The Goodness Experience, Part 4
A celebration means to acknowledge a significant event, person or time of life. Every moment of your life can be a reason to celebrate.

Chasing Joy
It is a great job with excellent benefits and healthy wages, so maybe it seems crazy to quit, but I have my reasons. I told everyone that I am leaving because of the stress, because I am trying to have a baby and need a calmer lifestyle. And while that is true, there is more to the story than I was letting on.

The Little Things Matter
We all have the big dream or goal that we strive for daily. Perhaps we are looking to make a mark in the industry we work in, receive a job promotion or even pay off debt.

“How are you doing?” a simple question to ask, yet complex to answer for many women when talking with friends and even in their doctor’s office.

Right now, you are a very fortunate woman; you live in the 21st century. Gone are the days when the only women who ran companies, competed in professional sports, travelled the world for business, sat on the board of global and local charities, studied for doctorates and initiated world class inventions were single, career-focused women

Nutrigenomics & Nutrigenetics
Nutrigenomics research, the study of the effects of how genetic variations affect one’s nutrition, takes a general look at how many nutrients or calories an average person should consume and how certain supplements can affect them.

All is Bright
Last year was my first Christmas as a divorced single mother. When I attempted to erect the three-section, eight-foot artificial tree that I acquired in the divorce, I could not attach the A portion to the B portion without help. This was a two person job

By the time she turned 5 years old, Dr. Allison McNickle, now an assistant professor in the UNLV School of Medicine Department of Surgery, says her parents sensed that one day she would be a physician.

Starting a brand is rarely a challenge. You have an idea, and you simply go for it. As Sir Richard Branson so famously says, “Screw it. Let’s do it” becomes the motto of most entrepreneurs starting out

Belief is an illusion, yet it has so much power over us. Our belief system is an acquired knowledge and beliefs only live in your head. This is both good and bad at the same time.