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Professionals can very easily get distracted, but it’s important to know when to hide those tabs and get back to the task at hand. Check out some quick tips to focus on productivity.

In business, making investments is what makes or breaks a company. Strategically investing in time and resources could make your business—or your career—wildly successful, and not doing so could result in getting left behind. This includes investing in you. Investing your time to learn a new skill, continue your education or embrace a trending technological advance is essential to personal and business growth.

Help us recognize our community’s phenomenal women in tech through your nomination. Please submit this nomination form by 5 p.m. August 12, 2013.

The best motivation for sticking to a healthy lifestyle is feeling better as well as maintaining good health throughout our lives.

Whether you are hitting the networking scene for the first time or are a seasoned professional, these tips will help make the most out of your time.

Neuromuscular Dentistry addresses the relationship of the jaw muscles, jaw joint, head, neck and body posture. Forty years of research and clinical experience have shown the neuromuscular technique to be effective in treating people with various levels of head and neck pain.

s summer barrels around the corner, we Las Vegans find ways to “beat the heat.” We either enjoy the beautiful summer nights, or we wake up early for outdoor activities. A fun activity that allows you to do both is to use the morning hours to create inexpensive outdoor furniture that you can enjoy in the evenings (because very few things are as beautiful as Vegas summer nights).

Take a deep breath, recline back and close your eyes. You are transformed into a magical salty escape … As you drift away to the soothing music, you can taste the salt on your lips and feel all your stresses just dissipate

Millennials are cause-driven, tech savvy and continue to work passionately to shape their local communities. Many employers are bombarded with misinformation about this generation and how they contribute to the workforce.

The Metro Chamber gives members the resources and information they need to succeed in the business community. Whether a small business or a large employer, the Metro Chamber has tools to help strengthen any business.