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Kris Engelstad McGarry and the Engelstad Family Foundation funded each of their $100,000 scholarships because she believes in the school’s mission to increase the number of doctors and improve healthcare in Southern Nevada

With treatment from the MonaLisa Touch method, women can regain their quality of life and sexuality. The treatment method is one of the most advanced techniques currently available for vaginal photorejuventation.

Just the other day, I connected a fellow female entrepreneur with a potential paid speaking opportunity. The first thing she said was, “Thank you for the opportunity, what can I do for you in return?”

Loss of sex drive in young women is unfortunately common. Loss of sexual desire is known as hypoactive sexual desire syndrome.

The Darling Tennis Center (officially Amanda and Stacy Darling Tennis Center) is a multi-court facility. This is the place created to foster a love of tennis regardless of skill as well as place for the community to come together at the public courts.

For many people spring means gardening and cleaning. But for me, spring is something much more—it is a time of blossoming and renewal, which is why this is my favorite season. There is a connection between gardening and blossoming, cleaning and renewal. Those words shouldn’t be thought of as chores, but as empowering ways to make your life better.

Your story can change for the better instantaneously when grace is activated by gratitude. Gratitude places you in the goodness of now.

A one-of-a-kind Las Vegas leadership female team includes the guidance of Allison Zednicek, Chief Executive Officer; Tristan Ivy, Chief Financial Officer; and Cheryl Pena, Chief Nursing Officer.

High tea parties and shabby chic tea parties are hot this season and a new way to hold a girlfriends get-together. So, how do you join in the fun?

It is Better to Give Than Receive …Our Top Picks for the Giving Season