Always hire licensed contractors according to Contractors Board Executive Officer Margi Grein. A contractor’s license is different than a business license, which is maintained by the Secretary of State’s Office and does not carry the same protections offered by the NSCB.

rendering of luxury community in las vegas
Living your best life, in an atmosphere of beauty, and in a community where the sight of lush, green beauty rewards your soul at every turn

Cadillac of Las Vegas isn’t your typical car dealership. They trade in pushy sales strategies in favor of a warm and welcoming relationship with the Las Vegas Community. Sales Manager for Cadillac of Las Vegas, Jennifer Jackson, makes it her mission to ensure that her office gives back to the community and gets involved in as many charitable organizations as possible.

Inspiration and a love of family describe these incredible women that are part of the community of Southern Nevada.

White Horse Youth Ranch
Helping Kids Build Confidence and Self-Esteem. Through its programs, WHY Ranch builds confidence, encourages integrity and inspires creativity while it preserves an iconic part of American history, the horse.

Jayme Martinez Richardson has worked hard to reach her goals and work in criminal justice. Today she is a law clerk at Patti, Sgro, Lewis and Roger.

With over seven years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Greenwood specializes in sleep dentistry and implant dentistry. He also specializes in innovative and minimally invasive dental treatments including cosmetic gum grafting, oral cancer screening and implant complication management, and “5 in 1” implant procedures.

Samantha Waters has been involved in the construction industry for as long as she can remember. Her dad was in construction and, growing up in Northern California, she would beg to go to work with him. She loved being around a job site and all the activity absolutely fascinated her.

It is Better to Give Than Receive …Our Top Picks for the Giving Season

Exercise has a number of amazing life changing benefits. Pilates can set the foundation for a healthy, happy sex life. Doing Pilates can strengthen pelvic floor muscles, tone the derriere, strengthen the core muscles, improve flexibility and intensify orgasms.