Health & Age Management

Health & Age Management

My husband Almas Meirmanov and I own and manage Intermix Fitness, which we opened earlier this year. I also had a baby. Yes, 2014 was quite a year for us. However, there is nothing more discouraging getting back into your fitness routine after birth than the feeling that your abdominals were ripped out of you and you barely have the strength to lift your own 7.16 ounce newborn.

Having a healthy uterus is essential to qualify as a gestational carrier. Then both the parents and the gestational carrier must be screened for infectious diseases and the carrier is also psychologically screened.

Good eye health involves good nutrition
The Nutritional Genius Program is based on the science of Epigenetics. This is how we play our genetic code by turning genes on or off to impact their effect on our health by using food, nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes.

Easy tips for getting yourself back to you By Gina Traficant Not long ago you were getting in shape for swimsuit season. Then you hit a...

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Fertility Center of Las Vegas
Along with the team of doctors, the Fertility Center also offers nutrition and fitness advice from registered dietician, medical nutritionist and certified personal trainer, Lory Hayon.

"We’ve been together for a while and the spark is gone, what are we supposed to do?" I regularly hear this opener from couples seeking therapy. Many couples assume that sex is exciting at first, then the excitement dies down and that is to be expected. WRONG!

For more than 20 years, HealthCare Partners has provided quality, coordinated health care through one of the largest physician groups and affiliate networks in the Las Vegas area.

As one of the leading eye surgeons in the country, Dr. Eva Liang and Center For Sight are performing ground breaking laser-assisted cataract surgery.

How H2U Health Centers Are Helping Southern Nevadans Get Quality, Personalized Care