Health & Age Management

Health & Age Management

Body Resonance Myofascial Wellness Center is more than a healing center. Specializing in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release, it offers innovative structural bodywork that releases restrictions in connective tissue, helping the body restore itself to health and well-being.

Every January, millions of women begin a new diet in hopes of achieving their weight loss dreams. Award-winning, board-certified, bariatric surgeon,

What does it really take to get healthy? The two most common ways to get healthy revolve around diet and exercise. By diet, I mean what foods you put into your mouth, not the latest fad to lose weight.

My husband Almas Meirmanov and I own and manage Intermix Fitness, which we opened earlier this year. I also had a baby. Yes, 2014 was quite a year for us. However, there is nothing more discouraging getting back into your fitness routine after birth than the feeling that your abdominals were ripped out of you and you barely have the strength to lift your own 7.16 ounce newborn.

So you’ve made your resolutions for the New Year and you want look better and feel better. If there are physical changes you want to make, Las Vegas Laser and Lipo has a caring staff and abundant advanced technologies when you are ready to explore your options.

With over seven years of experience in the field of dentistry, Dr. Greenwood specializes in sleep dentistry and implant dentistry. He also specializes in innovative and minimally invasive dental treatments including cosmetic gum grafting, oral cancer screening and implant complication management, and “5 in 1” implant procedures.

Age Before Beauty? Why Not Have Both? You’ve followed all of the rules: you didn’t smoke (too much); you got plenty of rest (on most...