Wines, Dines & Spirits

Wines, Dines & Spirits

Eureka!, in Downtown Las Vegas, features an all-scratch kitchen and one-of-a-kind bar specializing in craft beer and small-batch spirits.

The vibes exuded when walking into Ada’s show guests that it will be not only good, but crazy good. Inviting and friendly with a laid-back feel, the cozy atmosphere makes diners want to hang out longer than usual.

Sunrise Coffee first opened in 2008 and has since become the longest running independent coffee shop in Las Vegas. The idea behind the locale was to make it a place for the community to gather and hang out.

Our Fall 2019 Wines

Our Summer 2019 Cocktails

Our Summer 2019 Wines

Executive Chef Partner Gina Marinelli shares her passion for food, family and friends through a culinary journey of Italy at her first restaurant, La Strega.

Kitchen Table is a revival concept created by Chef Javier Chavez that redefines breakfast and lunch into a social eatery and friendly dining experience that allows you to indulge in your favorite comfort food.

Public Works Coffee Bar was founded by fifth grade public school teacher Annelisa Polk.

This summer, schedule your next meeting at a new coffee spot, book brunch with friends or dine alfresco and enjoy new cocktails by the pool. Cheers!