Wines, Dines & Spirits

Wines, Dines & Spirits

Festive Cocktails
Warm up this winter with these festive cocktails for your holiday gatherings. Whether served with appetizers, as an after-dinner drink or dessert, mix up something delicious for your guests of all ages.

Winter Wines
Sponsored by Lee’s Discount Liquor. With many locations, you can find a huge variety of alcohol and mixers for any taste. For locations, hours and more information, visit

Eatt Gourmet Bistro owner and manager, Nicolas Kalpokdjian, had his sights set on uniqueness of concept and excellence of operations from before day one—not because he wanted to, but because he had to.

Kick off fall by visiting the new hot spot, Ada's, or spend the evening downtown at Eureka! If you are looking to enjoy a great cup of coffee with a friend or a date, check out Sunrise Coffee, you surely will not be disappointed.

Our Fall 2019 Cocktails

Eureka!, in Downtown Las Vegas, features an all-scratch kitchen and one-of-a-kind bar specializing in craft beer and small-batch spirits.

The vibes exuded when walking into Ada’s show guests that it will be not only good, but crazy good. Inviting and friendly with a laid-back feel, the cozy atmosphere makes diners want to hang out longer than usual.

Sunrise Coffee first opened in 2008 and has since become the longest running independent coffee shop in Las Vegas. The idea behind the locale was to make it a place for the community to gather and hang out.

Our Fall 2019 Wines

Our Summer 2019 Cocktails