Community Events
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Kitchen Table is a revival concept created by Chef Javier Chavez that redefines breakfast and lunch into a social eatery and friendly dining experience that allows you to indulge in your favorite comfort food.

The Little Things Matter
We all have the big dream or goal that we strive for daily. Perhaps we are looking to make a mark in the industry we work in, receive a job promotion or even pay off debt.

We live in the day and age of entrepreneurship. It seems we all know someone who is launching a product, starting a side hustle or playing all-in to live the dream.

Dr. Victoria Chen was born in Taiwan and experienced a traditional Chinese family environment while growing up, emphasizing education and family.

From eye health, dental health and women’s health to sexual health and fertility, and hospice and palliative care, we highlight some of the valley’s best in their fields. The Doctors of the Desert bring the best cutting-edge advancements and comforting and specialized care to their patients.

Embracing your value. What does that mean? It means you embrace your worth and you do not allow anyone at any time to treat you less than what you deserve.

Costume Contest Rules October 29, 2011 Las Vegas Woman's Expo at Red Rock Casino 1. Costume Categories - $1000 Cash Grand Prize for Best Costume! (can be any...

Title: A Las Vegas Women's Football EventLocation: Lucky Club Casino & HotelLink out: Click hereDescription: You're invited to the 1st Official Las Vegas Ladie's Raider Rally!! A...

Virginia Knudsen
Virginia Knudsen is the founder and CEO of BOAR. Her lifelong passion for helping leaders reach their highest potential, not only in business but also in their everyday life, motivated her to create a unique mastermind entity that addresses people’s growth from a holistic point of view.