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Lazy beach afternoons and pool days are perfect for catching up on your reading list. This combination of local women authors and a bad-a$$ money book will keep your attention all summer long.

Books! Books! Books!

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Over the holidays and into the New Year, these books are certain to motivate sticking to new resolutions, sharing ideas and being memorized with action and thrills.

While Las Vegas has a colorful past, it is also a vibrant city with inspiring, fascinating and intriguing stories. Whether mesmerized by a thriller, inspired by a real life story or checking off that bucket list, these three books are certain to entertain.

Aid for AIDS of Nevada 26th annual AIDS Walk
Events in and around Las Vegas during the Spring season of 2016

A moment in time and a wedding reunites 2 people after 66 years. Most people remember when they were part of a wedding party even though they might not see those people again...

“Dig That Crazy Santa Claus,” “What Child is This?” and “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” played on car radios and hi-fi stereos throughout the month of December 1955, in El Monte, Calif., and in the pages of the award-winning book, “Wild Winter: Christmas, Clues, and Crooks,” by C.A. Hartnell. Readers, 8 years old and up, will take a blast to Christmas past in this fictional but historically based book.

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She was milling in her closet trying to figure out what to wear when a voice from the other room made a simple inquiry asking her what she was doing. Vance assumed it was her eldest son, Jack, since her younger son, Jamie hadn’t spoken in years due to autism.

The event will recognize the American Humane Association Hero Dog Award nominees, Sergeant Michael Malarsie and his dog Xxon

Hartnell’s titles include “Scary Spring,” about the 1955 polio epidemic; “Sinister Summer,” which adds lots of adventure to summer vacation; “Ferocious Fall,” which deals with bullying and unpredictable weather and “Wild Winter,” a story that educates kids about the value of giving back.