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As the economy improves and the construction is starting to grow again, Amy Brissette remains the only female commercial construction superintendent working in the Southern Nevada region.

Historically, Southern Nevada has lagged behind much of the nation when it comes to recycling rates. With the commencement of construction in November 2014 on what will be the country’s largest residential recycling complex, Republic Services aims to change that trend and put Las Vegas on the map with increased recycling rates.

Growing Interest in Green Homes
Market trends show that everything from added insulation, to Low-E windows, solar water heaters and power-producing solar photovoltaic panels that can take your house off the grid can help it sell faster and snag a higher price.

Samantha Waters has been involved in the construction industry for as long as she can remember. Her dad was in construction and, growing up in Northern California, she would beg to go to work with him. She loved being around a job site and all the activity absolutely fascinated her.