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We’ve all heard the terms surrogacy or gestational carrier. We’ve noticed the magazine headlines showing celebrities creating families through use of another woman’s womb.

s summer barrels around the corner, we Las Vegans find ways to “beat the heat.” We either enjoy the beautiful summer nights, or we wake up early for outdoor activities. A fun activity that allows you to do both is to use the morning hours to create inexpensive outdoor furniture that you can enjoy in the evenings (because very few things are as beautiful as Vegas summer nights).

“There is no greater gift of love than to have your desires recorded for your family in advance. ”

Beth Fisher - Las Vegas, a great place to raise children
eople ask me all the time about raising kids in Las Vegas. Often it’s a person visiting Las Vegas sitting next to me on a flight home to our city of bright lights. I love to tell them, “We put our kids in dealer school as soon as they can count.”

The summer issue is one of my favorites to put together and this Summer 2012 issue is no exception. What you are reading is...

Exploring all of the options to growing your family By Jennifer Florendo Approximately 20 percent of the population is affected with fertility challenges. While many choose...

Facing the inevitable with care, compassion and knowledge By Lisa Ferguson It was the phone call that Amber Sandhoff never expected to receive. One afternoon in 2007,...

Putting your family first is something that is often easier said than done. Our lives are more demanding than ever, between our careers and often playing chauffer for our kids, juggler for their schedules and mind reader for everything else. All of this is why we created the Family First section for Las Vegas Woman. In our day-to-day lives, we so often forget to stop and put our families first. Here, we try to do it for you!