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With group workouts and gyms still a concern for many, at-home workouts continue to gain popularity. Focus on your fitness with our top picks.

Resolutions, what resolutions? By the time summer comes around, it is easy to forget what goals and resolutions we set for ourselves just a few short months ago.

It has been months since New Year’s Day and resolutions, but any day is the best day to start working out for health. Las Vegas Fit Body Boot Camp – The Lakes is a results-driven and energetic fitness-and-fat-loss workout program. Workouts are done in a group setting that makes it fun, motivating and challenging.

Pole Fitness Studio: Transforming your body physically and sensually

What does it really take to get healthy? The two most common ways to get healthy revolve around diet and exercise. By diet, I mean what foods you put into your mouth, not the latest fad to lose weight.

My husband Almas Meirmanov and I own and manage Intermix Fitness, which we opened earlier this year. I also had a baby. Yes, 2014 was quite a year for us. However, there is nothing more discouraging getting back into your fitness routine after birth than the feeling that your abdominals were ripped out of you and you barely have the strength to lift your own 7.16 ounce newborn.

As 2014 comes to a close it is only natural to think of 2015 and new beginnings. It’s a tradition for many people: make a set of New Year’s Resolutions, promise to adhere to them and then 12 months later look back and say “okay that didn’t work but this time I really mean it.”

Offering support with competition to strive for weight loss and a more fit body, Danny Vegas and Las Vegas Fit Body Boot Camp – The Lakes congratulates Transformation Challenge winner Heather Groves.

Taking yoga, Pilates and fitness classes are great ways to learn, grow and achieve fitness goals. While one desires better health, flexibility, strength, stamina and appearance; another benefit of yoga is improving your sex life.

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With a studio combining yoga, Pilates and fitness classes under one roof; people come together to learn, grow and achieve fitness goals.