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Photography by Garrett Winslow In the 1960s, cat-eye frames were the rage. In the 1970s, cool people wore aviator shapes. Continuing into the 1980s, big...

Update with retro, metals, color, futuristic, glitter and negative space

Along with looking good, glasses must properly fit for vision correction, as well as framing the face. A trained optician is vital to any practice for vision and Grady “Chip” Williams Jr. is the master optician at Trendsetter Eyewear.

Trendsetter Eyewear showcases several luxury artistic eyewear collections designed for the very confident, sexy woman who knows and owns her unique sense of style.

Children’s eyes should be monitored by an eye doctor from birth. It is important to have annual, routine eye exams for your child as they develop and grow so that any problems can be corrected early and visual development can progress normally.