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The summer season often gets us back in touch with our bodies. We see it more because warmer weather means fewer clothes. We feel it more because we tend to be more active

While steeped in the dopamine ether of new love, it can be easy to get swept up by the intensity of chemistry and connection. New love is wildly exhilarating.

"We’ve been together for a while and the spark is gone, what are we supposed to do?" I regularly hear this opener from couples seeking therapy. Many couples assume that sex is exciting at first, then the excitement dies down and that is to be expected. WRONG!

wife and husband
Communicate genuinely so you can understand and respect each other. This is the formula for any successful relationship, whether it’s family or business.

gift guide
Lots of great gift ideas for the holidays!

Tiffany and Oliver’s wedding day was full of so many emotions and Moxie Studio was there to photograph the entire event. The wedding was...

Ruth and Jack - I Still Do
Ruth Lauber and her husband Jack are still crazy about each other after 20 years of marriage and wanted to renew their wedding vows... Their officiant, Jimmy Mac McNamara tearfully and happily married them.

By Rev. Thabiti Every day we are seeing or hearing about people in the news experiencing unprecedented hardships. Many of us are experiencing an...

So much, and I mean, SO MUCH has happened since the previous issue of Las Vegas Woman was published. I stashed away my high heels and put on my traveling shoes these last few months. From Korea to Mexico to the Grenada Islands, all of them have a special place in my heart.

Now there’s a woman who understood the core of the male beast. Divas, back in the day, may not have had the corner office or the right to wear pants whenever they wanted, but they had a keen sense of that special something God added when he made Eve.